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The Union Label

Some of the local unions have larger budgets than coporations.
Maybe its time to get educated CEO's or professional talent to run local unions. Most of the unions are being ran by tradesman elected by its active and retired members. These members have been brainwashed to vote in a successor of the existing business manager. Therefore nothing changes, the appointees are usually friends , relatives or kiss asses whom have no skills in management whatsoever. I speak from first had knowledge having been a member of Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 290 for over 25 years.
Plumbers and Steamfitters local 290 and its board of trustees have lost millions in shady investments. Its healthcare benifits have dwindled to where a family of four could pay thousands of dollars a year out of pocket from inadequate insurance, sometimes up to 20 percent of the yearly gross income.
They have even have a shadetree lobbiest/plumber/fire marshal/business agent that has about as much business in the union leadership as a guy holding up a sign " Will work for food" on the freeway onramp. This guy has the ethics of Nixon. I bet he got his degree online!
With the new election coming up I hope the members do the right thing.

Mr Ed