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Call out for black bloc at Thursday action

It may not be the typical action of anarchists in Portland, but I think the recent discussion and assurances between people here on indy warrants that someone take the first actual step. This is an individual, autonomous action, where people have stated we'd be welcome to show up in black masks and contribute in any way we see fit.
Let's start by supporting the ongoing, increasing protests against Blumenauer this week, 12-2 on Thursday at 729 Oregon St. And hopefully, as we show our solidarity with other parts of the movement, they will hand that back to us during the big spring actions and let us do our thing without any of the nastiness that's come over the last few years.

Great Development 24.Dec.2007 17:21


First, I would like to thank the poster for letting us know something is going on Thursday. I was hoping to turn out, but can't. However, I do plan to start attending regularly.

I have been calling for folks to support this group for a long time. More specifically, I have been calling for those who don't want to get arrested to support those who do. Only then can we make progress.

Like others, I haven't attended mainstream demos for a while, partly because of this rift between liberals and radical--which I have been watching for quite a while.

I was interested to see the discussion between the "anarchist" and the "granny."

I'd love to see some solidarity happening.

I'm sure this isn't the only reason for small turnouts, but it's caused me to step back and reflect.

I'm especially looking foward to meeting the Lone Vet, whose method fascinates me and whose posts I have been reading for quite a while.

Red or black, street clothes or costumes, I'm looking forward to seeing you all.

opinion 25.Dec.2007 18:04

Joe Anybody

The weekly vigil outside (and sometimes it goes inside,) was started by the Lone Vet in August 07, to bring the demand to House representative Earl Blumenauer, the message was "We want you to bring/sign-on to the Impeachment proceedings against Bush and or Cheney."

What then started to happening was as many as one to two dozen people would start showing up, on Thursdays at noon. These were all individuals and who cover an array of lifestyles and personalities; the one thing in common was we all wanted our Congressman to push for Impeachment.

I cannot speak for the group, but I show up weekly to help do the following:

#1 show solidarity in a cause concerning Constitution Ethics, that I believe in
#2 help and encourage those out on the Frontlines standing up for justice and "our rights"
#3 use my constitutional right to petition my Representative to demand ethics and justice
#4 document the protest to preserve truth and lend some credence to media coverage of this important issue by filming the action and sharing it with the community at large to help enforce citizens rights, and to help keep accountable the events as they happened
#5 try to influence change by publicly speaking up (and filming) and being counted, in hope to correct the injustice, accomplished with and through citizen participation
#6 taking the issue of honest government to the streets, by saying loudly "Impeachment Has to Happen" and letting my Congressman know this from me outside his office on the street, along with the masses who are his constituents, together in solidarity

I would love to see the sidewalk full and spilling out into the streets with citizens demanding an honest President and demanding Congress to act. I feel like, all those that would want our President to act lawfully along with their Congressman's support as well, would jump on this weekly noon band-wagon vigil.

The recent discussion on this post would lend me to say come one come all to demand honest government and to let the citizens message of IMPEACH be heard and seen.

I must mention the police who came out to this protest/vigil in the beginning, Did not return till months latter (that being last week) when the 3 were arrested for blocking the doors.
The police were not abusive, in fact I wish they would always act as they did that day... ... .All the time!!
It was not confrontational and actually seemed of, overtly polite procedurals, with the non-aggressive arrests of those willing to sit and 'be arrested'.
I have only 'good things to say' in that respect, regarding the police, on that day, , and how they acted towards those 3 elderly folks sitting in front of the doors refusing to move!?

The call for solidarity does go out.
The individuals that show up here weekly do cover in signs and words, an array of issue that show their dissatisfaction with the Bush Administration.
Having the Black Bloc or the Grannies, or Code Pink, AVAW, Vets for Peace, Radically Women, Teachers Union, etc... it matter not ... .
Anyone of those groups or others is warmly accepted! (and encouraged to join in)
Actually just about every week a new person drops by for 10 or 20 minutes who is with no group just representing them selves and coming down to go in or stand outside with us

For as Bonnie Tinker said to the crowd in regards to Earl Blumenauer in the Town Hall Meeting (prompting a standing ovation)...
"All you people clap if you believe Impeachment is just and possible"
Well we are out clapping on the front sidewalk of Earls office

There are no barricades, chain link fence, or water cannons, nor Robo-cops, but our issues are Just, Constitutional, and very serious.

The lack of media coverage and visible support on the sidewalk is discouraging.
The outrage of mine is in the fact that the masses have not converged to demand changes.
This outrage is not only directed to this one issue, I see apathy across the nation
I am trying to stimulate motivation, and encourage "social involvement"
I am a peace activist and use peaceful non violent actions along with the power of the media to help make social change and bring about "peace and justice"
I support the frontlines of the peace movement and the black block many times is right there on the frontlines

Regarding to wear a mask or not that is ones own decision.
I choose not to wear a mask ... . And in small print will use my real name at times when protesting my government, so I am not 100% anonymous,
I am filming so rarely do I get seen in my own film at events I go to.
That said I do understand why there are those who wear a mask to protests, I have no worry or concern over that.
(Although the Robo-cops in masks I DO NOT appreciate, and I feel is un-called for in civilized society.)

This protest has been peaceful, interesting, serious, fun, angry, and a dozen other words!
It doesn't have to get ugly or turn into a side show.
Many times the bloc is at the Frontlines facing the police with their crowd-control-toys-in-hand"
That is not the case here.
Still speaking for my self I wouldn't mind seeing some black bloc at the weekly vigil but in my humble opinion it is not an urgent call to place your selves "on the line" ... .

The key I feel is the solidarity of all these groups in the movement to support each other
For the greater good that we all want (hence working 'together')
I am one person trying to make some changes using my own ways n means
I am thinking IF we connect and work together our numbers and correctiveness can have the power to influence on our leaders and motivate our government to do what is expected of them by us ... .."We The People."

I myself don't "fit neatly in a political box" and feel I represent more of the average joe anybody than any set guideline of what a group says it is or it does"

""Random House Unabridged Dictionary ""
A union of interests, purposes, or sympathies among members of a group; fellowship of responsibilities and interests: "A downtrodden class ... will never be able to make an effective protest until it achieves solidarity" (H.G. Wells).

opinion 25.Dec.2007 19:12

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

Cindy Sheehan left the Democratic Party and the Peace movement because of corruption in the first and the constant bickering in the latter. I agree with her and will not exclude any group who says they want to support me. I know this may drive others away, so be it!

If we say, there are no leaders at this gathering then who can say this group is welcome or that group is too aggressive for us, not I.

What happens to this protest is up to you, come or do not come. I will be there with my red shirt that calls on Blumenauer to account for his complicity in the destruction of our country based on laws.

I welcome all who will join me and do not care what you wear. I wore a mask to mock Pelosi, and just wore a Santa mask last Thursday. I say again, come ye all and tell this man at 729 Oregon St. we are pissed!

We are all accountable for our own actions, for me that is the beauty of this protest, no one has the authority to say this is the right way or that is wrong.

Let us try to be present and not be afraid of something new!

For those who have asked, this group is a non-violent group of protesters who will not resort to destruction of any kind, if you view this as weakness that is your right, (at least this week, bush may take that away soon) I will not stay in a protest that resorts to violence. Non violent action works because the people you are challenging must come to terms with their reaction to you. I would discuss this more with anyone who wants to talk, but know this--non violence does work but with much pain. I will not and do not have the authority to decide who comes or who does not. All are welcome!

Would it not be good for all of us to try and support the "other" when we can?

Joe Walsh--Lone Vet
Portland, OR.