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Stop Stealing Our Forests: Plant an Illegal Tree

The last couple of weeks, FONT COLOR="#6633cc">Milieudefensie planted illegal trees in Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. These actions illustrate the absurd situation that planting trees is illegal while the European trade in illegal timber stays unpunished.
Want to take a stand against illegal logging? Plant an illegal tree yourself. Watch our instruction video and download the manual on Stop Stealing Our Forests

For a one minute video of one of these actions, go to

You can also take a look at the other tree planting actions and sign the appeal to the European Commission.

homepage: homepage: http://www.stopstealingourforests.org

LET'S GET REAL 25.Dec.2007 00:02

for a change

Inspiring? Yes. Ridiculous? Even moreso. "Let's buy a tree!" to save the Earth. The market-driven mindset is the cause, not the cure of all our troubles today, particularly out in the forest. Since when do i have to pay the playground bully to be good, then pay for the damage that he has done? I'd much rather kick his ass.........

Think Good Thoughts 26.Dec.2007 01:07

Smash N. Plant

When I watched this I was reading between the lines