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Foul Play in the Death of Perry Kucinich?

The fact that the brother was found face down on his apartment floor and that according to the coroner there were no signs of violence or "Foul play" means nothing. Lots of things can mimic a heart attack and leave no trace of their presence behind: What about pumping his apartment with gas? What about poisoning his water supply? Anything is possible
Kucinich must need our support in order to carry on during a time like this. I can't imagine how difficult (to say the least) it must be to carry on with a Congress as obstructionist as this current one is. Couple that with the death of his brother, the media black-out and the result is devastation. Kucinich surely needs to hear from the public, especially right now.

While we sit and complain bitterly about our Congress, the moves toward fascism, and all the things of which the people on this website are so aware----and I truly appreciate everyone here for it----I would like to suggest that in order to practice the solution to our problems, it would be very important to offer encouragement to the few good Congresspeople we have....

At the same time, I want to suggest that it's absolutely important that we keep our eyes (and minds) open to "Foul play," even if the coroner says otherwise. I put not a thing past two men who already have a track record of revenge: Valerie Plame is only one example. Remember the true story of a guy who talked with Cheney in a public mall, telling him that he was upset by the Iraq War? A half hour later, the guy was arrested in the mall by the Secret Service, was threatened with having his 8-year-old son put in foster care (right in front of his son, who was with him and thank goodness the mother showed up to whisk the child away before the Secret Service could). Fortunately the man was released from jail of his own recognizance, since obviously he did nothing wrong. He called the experience akin to "Tianenmen Square in America".

Then we have the Katrina victims who were abandoned to die, the wars based on lies for which we pay to have our own kids murdered for no reason, etc... ..

Can we put foul play past Bush and Cheney when Dennis Kucinich's brother just so happens to drop dead at just the moment that Kucinich is writing articles of impeachment against Bush? I would suggest not.

Why would there be foul play involved? To target a brother dearly loved by Dennis would be enough to slow Dennis's campaign and impeachment efforts in their tracks. Particularly to target a brother with a history of mental illness and one attempted bank robbery would be strategic, opening up a can of worms which would discredit Kucinich, once again. What else is new.

The fact that the brother was found face down on his apartment floor and that according to the coroner there were no signs of violence or "Foul play" means nothing. Lots of things can mimic a heart attack and leave no trace of their presence behind: What about pumping his apartment with gas? What about poisoning his water supply? Anything is possible, especially when under the Patriot Act the FBI now can enter our homes based on "an authorized investigation" without any judicial review--or even Congress's knowledge. Did Dennis's brother have a history of heart disease? This has not been mentioned by the press. They say he stopped taking his psychotropic medications all of a sudden, and while that could be true that also could be what they want us to believe....

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i have a question 23.Dec.2007 17:03


Why would Bush/Cheney, et al., (or even the Clintons, for that matter) feel the need to eliminate the mentally ill brother of a presidential candidate who poses no challenge to them? Kucinich might be a threat if there were not a nearly complete media blackout on his name and message.

I just think there is no reason to be suspicious unless any legitimate evidence appears to show this as more than a tragic event. But that's just me...

Grief and perseverance 24.Dec.2007 20:58

Veteran for Kucinich

For sure, it must be very hard to bear the news of the death of a younger brother. The oldest of the family (which is Dennis) feels responsible for all the others.

It is always possible, tragically, that foul play is involved. Yes, it happens all the time. The extent of the Secret Government is unknown, but it can hardly be over-estimated. We see it running roughshod over activists all the time. Sad but true. (More people should read PDX Indy regularly to appreciate the extent of the repression taking place in the U.S. today.)

Here's "Holiday Greetings from Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich" that arrived in many email boxes (including mine) today:

< Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever your religious beliefs, this is a very special time of year. A time of customs and tradition, of ceremonies and celebrations. A time for family and friends to come together. A time for sharing.

< The old year is coming to an end, and a new year will begin - with the promise and hope that it will outshine the last.

< As different as we all are in so many ways, there is so much that can bring us together: our love of family, our mutual respect for the strength of our diversity, our shared wishes for peace, health, and happiness.

< At this very special time, Elizabeth and I feel very blessed and very humbled to have you in our lives. In this season of holidays, we send our love and our appreciation to all of you. May the joys and the blessings of this season fill your lives and your hearts - as they do ours.

< And, we hope that you'll take a few minutes to watch our new weekly news update with personal holiday messages from some of the many people who, unseen and unsung, are dedicating themselves to this campaign and to everything we're trying to accomplish for this nation, and for the world.

< Dennis and Elizabeth>>>>>>

Dennis is fortunate to have someone in his life - Elizabeth - who is able and willing to share his commitment to a new era of global peace and to democratic principles.

The weekly news update (video) for today, December 24, 2007, is at -


Kucinich: Strength through Peace

This Thursday, December 27, 2007, it looks like we are all invited by the courageously persevering Lone Vet -

"So come ye all to the place of protest"

729 Oregon St.
Portland, Oregon
High noon until 2:00 PM

For Justice and Peace,
Joe Walsh, Lone Vet


I truly respect the Lone Vet. Some ancient kung-fu teaching says: "An enlightened individual, if left to stand alone, is undaunted." That is true courage.

But let's join him!


Induced heart attacks 25.Jan.2008 19:08

george falstaff

Tom Bearden in a cheniere.org letter tells of an assassination attempt on himself by someone who aimed an electronic microwave (?) device at him and a friend. Both of their hearts went into fibrillation and they immediately skedadled out of the restaurant they were in. Bearden went on to say the small portable version can cause heart attacks at something like 30 yards while a bigger model can work from over 100 yards. If the beam is 'shot' at a person for a period of 30 seconds, heart attacks will be induced. There probably have been a lot of 'sudden deaths' caused by this little item.