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Our Tax Dollars are Paying for This?

Our tax dollars being wasted on the Oregon National Guard to play "gangsta" in Afghanistan.
I found this video of what OUR tax dollars have gone to in Afghanistan.
These are the men that Bu$h has sent to supposedly defend our country. Instead they are drinking, doing drugs, and playing with their guns as if they were toys and this were a game.
I feel really safe now. . .Some Heroes!
YouTube video

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUGABIOarEE

SHAME SHAME SHAME 23.Dec.2007 05:34

on us

I never thought that i could possibly be any more ashamed to be an American than i already am. I was wrong. From the "Forest Service" clearcuts of Cascadia to the shattered cities, the burnt & bomb-blasted babies of the Middle East, the world's greatest terrorist threat is becoming all too apparent. How the fuck do we get this demon back in its box?????????

Well.... 23.Dec.2007 22:16


That video offends me a WHOLE LOT LESS than the following vids-


(really short)


And there's tons more.

does this really surprise you? 26.Dec.2007 13:19


I'm sorry, but these videos are really not that disturbing.

Dig a little deeper if you dare? Do you really wanna know?

there are much worse things going on in your local frat house.

the amount of pornography being produced in Iraq is really disturbing. a lot of this stuff involves iraqi children or iraqi corpses. really sick shit!!