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9.11 investigation

BREAKING: Dr. Jones finds possible thermite "chips" in WTC dust samples

VIDEO: Announcing a discovery: Red/gray bi-layered chips in the WTC dust
Dust, by Dr. Steven E. Jones at the Boston 9/11 Conference 12/15/07 (excerpt)
Announcing a discovery: Red/gray bi-layered chips in the WTC dust

At the Boston Tea Party conference last Saturday, I announced that I had found peculiar "red chips" in the WTC dust, and the possible significance of the findings. The chips are bi-layered, red on one side, gray on the other -- and present in all four samples that I and colleagues are exploring in depth at this time. Paul Payne (great work Paul!) was there and taped the talk, and asked if he could extract for now the part where I announced the discovery, and if I would provide the PPT slides (etc). I did so, and I congratulate Paul for doing this video clip so very quickly.

Yes, the discovery is original work and with other scientists now examining the microspheres and red chips in the WTC dust -- this new evidence, there is hope of a breakthrough, pending confirmations. I will refrain from further comment here; hope you all will watch the clip (and the full talks from the Boston conference as they become available). Again, many thanks to Paul Payne for this work.



meaning? 23.Dec.2007 09:06


No "possible significance" was stated in the google video. So what does this mean?

Hm 23.Dec.2007 12:59


I didn't think the plotters would be stupid enough to use a traceable explosive but there you are.

This Looks Like Proof Of Demolition 23.Dec.2007 13:32


Nearly the sole use of thermite is building demolition. It consists primarily of super fine iron oxide and aluminum powder. It gets hotter than just about anything else.