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3 Arrested at Blumenauer's on 12/20/07 <video>

The three protesters were Peace Activist ...who want "justice"
They risked their freedom to bring attention to the crimes of this administration and the lack of concern or coverage to this by their Representative
The video is 1-hr and 14-min and is hosted on Google here:
Off To Jail
Off To Jail
I have finally finished the video of this direct action that was done on 12/20
I must put in one nice word for the cops
They were nice to the protesters!
No mace, no tasers, no clubs..... they asked many times for the 3 in front of the doors to just cooperate a little more and they "would leave us alone to do our protest"

The problem is the three "needed to be arrested"
And that is due to the lack of concern by Earl and his Portland office
Our Congressman cant hear the peaceful protest, it has to be taken up a notch, (and maybe even more notch's in the days to come?) ...as this Bush Crime Family lawlessness continues, and as he (Earl) continually ignores the importance and the constitutionality of this need for justice.

Ironically the benefit to communicate/discuss this Impeachment issue comes to his office weekly in hope of common sense and peaceful approach and dialog.
I myself wrote and personally asked if Earl wanted to speak/explain to the camera<s> his feelings on why he cant hold Bush accountable?, I received no word back... just totally ignored like the rest of the citizens who are asking the same questions.
The Congressman needs to hear this important message ... and three people stepped up to sacrifice their freedom for the betterment of mankind to deliver that message.

To tell you the truth one cop could of arrested all these dangerous protesters!! By himself!
But instead the city used 12....?
Seems like over-kill and a waste of money?
... but then again "the three" did look like there could be "trouble" and better to be safe with a dozen of guns handy!

Thanks to those who in many forms are showing solidarity and those three brave peacemakers who gave up their liberty for the rest of us.

One interesting point of frustration is around 25 minutes into the film a "tribal policeman" who was inside the building shoves open the doors in a rather frustrated macho act. It brings to mind the thought about "having a protest, and making the message be heard in a disruptive way"
This isn't a tea party...
(that actually was last week  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=52006222362348647 <video>)

It is not to fun to be a damn peacemaker and have to "piss people off" the general attitude I would say of all these peace individuals at this 'weekly peace vigil' is actually they all are loving, caring, peaceful, compassionate, understanding, people who bend over back-wards to help all people, .... that said it is awkward and hard to be of that ilk and involved in a action that gets people mad!

For that I say I'm sorry that other peaceful nice peoples lives were impacted by direct actions like the one on Thursday, but....there is bigger issue at hand here and when peace activists find them selves making their brothers and sisters mad or upset it is very trying on us ..... but we (I actually speak for my self here) are left with a bigger problem, people are dieing, people are being tortured, killed, and committing suicide over this administrations decisions. The bigger picture needs to be addressed and it will ....

I am again sorry to say be causing friction it will become an inconvenience but it has to happen. Unfortunately the inconveniences can impact nice caring people, ..but (we) I have to do this ...... "maybe you can join me and we can make some changes 'in solidarity' for a more peaceful world for us all"

The inconvenience has to be applied in order to change this countries direction.

It has come down to this.
We need to resist ... we need to say NO to this administration!

We need to be the biggest Inconvenience you ever could Imagine

And continue to be a thorn in their side tell "change happens" and Peace happens and justice prevails



See ya next Thursday!

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