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Say something about Christmas (an anti-Christmas polemic)

(an anti-Christmas polemic)
The old Christmas pictures are less red and green this year. This Christmas they're more the color of everyday clothes: faded blue, brown and tan, white.

If damp were a color, it would be the color of Christmas this year. No one ever wants a damp Christmas, but that's exactly what they're going to get.

It's Christmas, and who knows what it's for? But let's not get carried away with what Christmas means. Family, peace, gatherings. It's just Christmas, for you and me.

Take down the tinsel, put away those lights. Lets save some money for the frozen winter months.

Christmas, for some, means a call-in to Denny's. I remember a manager there once, talking on the phone:
"Ma'am, we never close."

That was Christmas. I probably shouldn't say where or when, but it was Christmas and I had a Christmas burger.


There's a single star shining tonight, Christmas. It's the same star, Christmas, that's been shining bright through the ages. And tonight the moon is held at a frozen distance.

I could say something about Christmas, but it wouldn't ring true.

happy holidays to you all 22.Dec.2007 12:24

just sharing my painting

"The Cosmic Christmas Tree"--acrylic on big, heavy slab of counter surface

thanks artists above i like your pieces 22.Dec.2007 23:47


"2000 ago Christ was nailed to a cross and to commemorate this some people hacked a big tree into pieces and put it back together here in pioneer square (-don't worry kid, christmas always comes late.") thanks.

christmas peace 25.Dec.2007 15:53


Here's wishing all of you a merry christmas,and a happy new year.If I really wanted to add anything to it,
I can think of no better article, than one entitled"Christmas Peace", by Rev.Geo.Allen