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Solstice Puppet Show, Friday the 21st

Show up around 8ish
Once again Liberty Hall will host the Annual Solstice Puppet Show tomorrow at Liberty Hall, 311 N Ivy St. In addition to puppets the evening also features intricately shadow art that is projected against the back wall. Someof the work has a serious polical context to , some of it is meant just to humorous. The puppet show has become a strong Portland tradition, last year over 150 spilled out the doors of Liberty Hall trying to catch the action. Proceeds from the donations given will go to keep Liberty Hall in the black, so that it can remain a vibrant and welcoming space for the community to use.

homepage: homepage: http://myspace.com/libertyhallportland
phone: phone: (503) 249-8888
address: address: 311 N Ivy St. (1 block south of Fremont, 2 blocks west of Vancouver)

Two shows 21.Dec.2007 14:40

Liberty Hall Events Collective

The first show starts at 7PM, the late show is at 10:30.