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3 Peacemakers Arrested at Blumenauer's on 12/20/07

Well 3 people were cuffed and removed to a cold jail cell ....from outside House Representative Earl Blumenauer's office
Citizens meet each week at noon on Thursdays to "demand accountability"
protesters on the corner
protesters on the corner
Santa in the middle of a protest for honest government
Santa in the middle of a protest for honest government
3 demanding justice
3 demanding justice
supporters sit with Santa
supporters sit with Santa
moving out of the way of door for Health Issues
moving out of the way of door for Health Issues
Another Picture with Santa
Another Picture with Santa
Building VP - Claimed the group said
Building VP - Claimed the group said "it would never block doors" ? huh?
waiting to do something
waiting to do something
supervisor car on corner
supervisor car on corner
I will have a video by Friday evening of this brave action

There was no "corporate press" (what did you expect?)

There were over a dozen supporters (where were you when this was happening? .....lunch? .... shopping? ...

There were over a dozen policemen...(for 2 grandmas and a grandpa in rocking chairs)

There were cops with cameras and cops with legal offers to move or else...

There was "no violence"

The police seemed like they "did not" want to have to arrest the Impeachment Protesters

The three peacemakers were not going to "move out of the way of the doors" ...nor give up their direct action protest

Too bad there was not more supporters who want their Government to be ACCOUNTABLE & HONEST

Too bad people who want Peace on Earth have to sit in jail in order to make their point

Too bad their point is not understood by our supposed "law abiding Representative" who doesn't represent me

Too bad ethics, morals, and millions dead means nothing to our elected officials

Too bad Santa Clause had to be cuffed and removed from society .... so this war can continue

Too bad this protest "inconvenienced" the tenants of the building, the police, and all the holiday shoppers

Too bad that three elderly citizens in our community will be treated like criminals for wanting honest government

Too bad for million of dead now in Iraq, over 4 millions without homes and living in tents , millions injured, thousands of US soldiers with PSTD and committing suicide faster than we can keep count, too bad we USA citizens are lied to, spied on and arrested.

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id100.html

Let's not point 20.Dec.2007 16:15


"There were over a dozen supporters (where were you when this was happening? .....lunch? .... shopping? ... "
Joe, I appreciate the hard work you go to on a regular and continuing basis to hold our representatives accountable and to bring news to indymedia. However, sometimes your statements seem a little blaming to people who can't, or won't, attend these types of actions. Not everyone has the same agency that others have. Some people may have been on their lunch break, yes, watching indymedia for updates, but afraid to attend in case their boss saw them and it cost their job. Or someone may have been unable to attend because they have recently been a target of police at other actions, and are afraid to come to where they know there will be a police presense.
Whatever the reason, there are a LOT of supportors out there who simply can't do things like this- let's not use the tools of the oppressor to divide people further. Know that you go out there and stand for people who can't, and by making a difference in your own way, you may be opening up the possibility that in the future others CAN find their agency and join you and the other peacemakers on the streets.

NEWS RELEASE regarding "WHY this protest is taking place" 20.Dec.2007 17:06

Joe Anybody (reposting email alert) iam@joe-anybody.com

This was an email Alert received by Joe Anybody at 11:00 pm Wednesday evening 12/19/07.
The following information was handed to the building VP and to the police at the "sit-in protest"
But they both choose NOT to read the reasons "WHY" this protest was taking place
Below is the "email alert" I received last night



For immediate release: Wednesday, December 20, 2007
Contact: Bonnie Tinker 503-504-1141

Constituents Call on Blumenauer to Support Impeachment
Weekly Protest Moves beyond Picketing

On Thursday, December 20 at 12:00 noon a group including veterans, grandparents and younger people calling themselves "Individuals for Justice" will sit in front of the main entrance to Representative Earl Blumenauer's Office Building at 729 NE Oregon to demand that he support bringing articles of Impeachment against Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

For the 21st week the group will call on Blumenauer to respond to the advice of Multnomah County Democrats and the 65 % of the public that supports impeachment. Joe Walsh, also known as The Lone Vet, initiated the protests because he feels that it is the responsibility of American citizens to challenge the illegality of the Bush administration. "George Bush has caused me to be ashamed to be an American; Earl Blumenauer has caused me to be ashamed to be a democrat. We are willing to risk arrest to send a message that Bush is the one who should face a judge."

Another of the demonstrators is Sara Graham, one of the "Grannies" recently acquitted of misdemeanor charges for a protest at the Army/Marine Recruiting office on NE Broadway, Graham believes that impeachment is necessary to restore the integrity of the United States Government. "The people of this country are going to lose what little faith they have left in our political process if our representatives in Congress won't even try to hold Bush and Cheney accountable for their crimes against humanity."
Those demanding impeachment support House Resolution 333 introduced by Representative Dennis Kucinich (D- Ohio) on April 24, 2007 during the 110th United States Congress. House Resolution 333 calls for impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney on three charges. If the House approves an article of impeachment, it then moves to the Senate, which has constitutional authority to try, and with a two-thirds vote, remove a person from office.


Statement from Individuals for Justice
December 20, 2007

This is the 21st week that Individuals for Justice have come to Congressman Blumenauer's office to request that he call for impeachment of the President and Vice President as directed by his constituents, the County and State Democratic Parties, and 65% of the voting public.
Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution states: "The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." Congressman Blumenauer, on each occasion of assuming his duties, took the following oath: "I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;... "
Crimes have been committed. Bush and Cheney lied in order to wage the illegal and immoral war in Iraq. They approve illegal torture, imprisonment and wiretapping in defiance of U.S. and international law, and yet our Congressman refuses to call for impeachment.
Today, some Individuals for Justice have decided to sit in front of the main door of Congressman Blumenauer's office building at 729 N.E. Oregon St. in order to bring to light his refusal to honor his oath of office and call for the impeachment of George W. Bush and/or Dick Cheney.
Veterans, grandparents in rocking chairs, young and old citizens, we are all ashamed of the crimes against humanity committed at the direction of the President and Vice President of our country, the United States of America. We all say, "Not in our name," as we call for impeachment.
One of us, a nine year veteran of the US Navy, a grandfather, is dressed as Santa Claus to stress that Congressman Blumenauer, so long as he fails to honor his oath of office, will only get a sock of coal for Christmas. Santa is holding a sign that says: SANTA VOTES FOR IMPEACHMENT.
We must not let the madness go on. Bush and Cheney must be held accountable for the cruelty and devastation of this war created by their lies. Once more we ask Congressman Blumenauer to support impeachment. If not, he too must be held accountable.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. ~John F. Kennedy

Contact:  lonevet2008@comcast.net

Joe (s) - go easier on those that can't make it... 20.Dec.2007 19:38



Great set of pics, and I am curious what the consensus was about why the cops were there in force today. Think they were a bit humiliated they were thrashed in court in the Grannies' case?! People should definitely talk to lawyers, to City Council and to Sizemore, or whatever her name is.

Demand to know the amount of funding these twits have gotten from the DHS, perhaps the most politically stained and twisted of the Administration tools. We need progressive attorneys, like those of the NLG, to step to the goddam plate and lead the way in putting some adjudication mojo on their asses!! Hey, at least you guys weren't tasered and chem. sprayed, like demonstrators were in New Orleans?!

What is happening this weekend?? Spontaneous protest at the Recruiting Center Saturday?!


why I don't protest Earl, or any other 'elected' official for that matter 20.Dec.2007 21:34


I don't protest Earl for the same reasons that most people don't, and who the poster of the above contribution already admitted: he doesn't represent me.

I don't waste my time with bureaucratic congressmen who could care less about me or other working people. I spend my time organizing and educating normal people towards politics that are independent of those of the rich, i.e., Earl and the like.

The publisher of the above post correctly writes:

"Too bad their point is not understood by our supposed "law abiding Representative" who doesn't represent me."

but doesn't realize the contradiction that this comment creates:

"Too bad there was not more supporters who want their [?!] Government to be ACCOUNTABLE & HONEST"

But I agree that:

"Too bad ethics, morals, and millions dead means nothing to our elected officials."

In short, you can't have it both ways: If you understand that the politicians of the rich don't care about the non-rich, you shouldn't refer to the need to hold 'your' "government accountable and honest".

The Republicans and Democrats are not 'our' government. They are the government of the rich. Don't waste your time at their offices, unless you happen to have a big mass of people behind you intent on making them uninhabitable.

Thanks 20.Dec.2007 22:20

same antiauthoritarian

Just wanted to make sure I was clear that I give my sincere compliments to those who were out there today, to those willing to risk arrest, to those who go out there EVERY day and put their bodies on the line for what they believe in. You are truely an inspiration, and may the Grannies' victory set the precedent for yours at trial.

choice of words 21.Dec.2007 01:17

Joe Anybody

I understand

I stand to gain as I go
I am sorta stressed out by allot of this

I will try to choose better words when directing my opinions to the Indy Media readership

I guess when I see good people getting arrested it bothers me and I long for more solidarity

I Understand 21.Dec.2007 08:10

Den Mark, Vancouver

I understood & understand what you meant, Joe. Fact is that MOST people who could be there, weren't. That is simple fact. That is sad fact. There should never be more cops than protesters. We saw how hard the people in New Orleans fought yesterday. THAT is what we must see more of. MUCH more.

OFF TO THE JAILHOUSE 21.Dec.2007 08:27

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

Just got back from the big house, I've got to tell you I met some wonderful people today, met some assholes, but mostly, by far good and caring people.

By now, you should know that three of us decided to put more pressure on the "Earl-man." We sat in chairs, one "Granny Rocker" and two others to make the point how pissed we are at the dems, for allowing this lunatic to continue his killing ways.

We have been patient, we have tried talking, yelling, embarrassing the Earl-man. Nothing has changed his mind to stop funding the occupation, or impeaching the monsters who have a death grip on our government.

We were arrested about 1400 (2:00 PM for you city slickers.)

The police who I came in contact with were professional, save one who was assigned to the building. He almost caused a chain reaction by forcing the door open and banging into both Marilyn and I---it was a bad moment, but it passed and then we waited to be arrested. The police who took charge from this point were in the mood to talk us out of what we were trying to do; making it uncomfortable for the Earl-man. We were arrested and taken down to the jail and were processed, they would not let me smile, so the mug shot is going to be bad, bad.

I felt great doing something to make everyone I encountered think about the now genocide of Iraq and how our politicians have let us down. I was with two great ladies, surrounded by good folks and even had music and songs by Hans---he is very good.

John sent me a note to say we now have 25 representatives who have signed on to
Dennis' impeachment resolution. Rep. Wexler now has over 120,000 signatures on his petition to impeach. Things are moving in our direction---keep the pressure on and remember to try to have fun doing it---in Molly's name we fight but always try to laugh.

Steve and others, I don't expect people to be arrested, it is a frightening experience when they put the handcuffs on and you are defenseless. What I do expect is organizations to do everything to fill the courtrooms when there is a jury trial for a protest against this war/occupation and now genocide of Iraq.

Joe, You do wonderful work documenting what we are trying to do, you need to apologize to no one--keep doing what you are doing and there will be a special place in heaven for you, I am proud to know you!

For Justice and Peace,

Joe Walsh--Lone Vet
Portland, OR.

To those who think more should have been there 21.Dec.2007 13:00


The problem with all this "we need solidarity" and "we must see more of the way they fought yesterday [in N.O.]" is that every time a bunch of us youngsters come out wearing our black masks and show the police state some force, the liberal community explodes on us, points fingers, says we "ruined" their protests, and has even handed us over to the police.

Den Mark, I KNOW you're not one of them- I've seen your posts here for years and I believe I know who you are, and I KNOW you don't turn your back on your comrades and that you, personally, do support a diversity of tactics. But you are one of the exceptions to the liberal bunches.

We'll never see more direct actions and more force until we're united for a common cause, and right now, because of tensions over the past few years in Portland between radicals and liberals, the radicals (defined as people who don't believe in this system) don't really WANT to step up for impeachment. By and large, we don't care if bush is impeached- some other rich white war-mongering man will take his place (and if it's not a white man, if it's obama or clinton, they'll only have gotten there by ACTING like a rich white man).

So liberals, that's why we're not there to support your cause. We don't believe in your cause of using the system to change itself. And we'd still like to come out and support you even if we don't think your goals are the most effective; but years of liberals stepping aside so the police can reach us, years of taking the blame for "ruining" actions, years of mistrust and insults, being called young and stupid, have caused us to stop wanting to come out for you.

Let's start working together from now on. Next week, if 20 people in black masks show up at your Individuals for Peace action, welcome them- don't act nervous, don't act like they're there to ruin it for you. Be happy to see them. And then, at the next big march in Portland, when the people in black masks turn down a side street and hold their own parade and the cops ask you, "Who started this?", shrug your shoulders at them.

"non-violence" and solidarity 21.Dec.2007 15:09

unmasked anarchist

This was a violent protest. The violence was committed by the policeman assigned to the building, who assaulted two of the non-violent protesters by banging into them with a door.

Anyone associated with this continuing action who would diss black blockers who come to show solidarity should stop coming. Having 20 people in black masks show up next week would be delightful.

The impeachment of war criminals and those associated with crimes against humanity is not a "liberal" issue. If the Germans had removed Hitler from office or the Soviets had removed Stalin, it would not have been the result most favored by libertarian socialists, but it would have been a positive outcome that would have moved the debate in the correct direction. Let's not argue about whose actions are more radical. There are very few people in Portland who are willing to put their asses on the line like these three and like the SPOGs. Yes, and like the black bloc.

I salute this action, but there's a difference between folks doing CD and others 21.Dec.2007 16:59


Again, I support actions like this, but feel that it's important to point out that these folks chose to get arrested. It's totally wrong that they had to get arrested to make a point, but they chose to get arrested to make a symbolic point. It's not the same kind of injustice suffered by folks aho have been marginalized by our crappy system and end up being targetted by the state for a reason not of their choosing. Additionally, while this and other CD actions and their resulting trials are important, they are not the only way to struggle, and not the only thing going on. I do a lot, but I'm not going to show up for everything. Don't tell me that I fucked up if I did not, or was not able to support this. Guilt is a shitty organizing tool.

A Note to (A), the black block and other commited young people 21.Dec.2007 19:12

Sara aka Granny S

I just wanted to say that I think you have more support than you realize. I for one, and I believe most of the others, will welcome you with open arms if you join us at Blumenauer's office. Although we may not always agree on tactics, more often I disagree with the liberals. I do believe we need a diversity of ideas and tactics. In many ways I feel more in common with the black block than with the liberals. Much as I dislike labels, I consider myself a radical and I am certain that this is true of a number of others you may think are liberals. I have spoken up for you often, and every time that I have heard complaints about break off marches. One of the Grannies was arrested along with the young people on Oct. 5 at the break off march. I waited till late that night with the black block and other supporters at the Justice Center and felt a real camaraderie. The Grannies have welcomed support from young people at our demonstrations at the recruiting center. At our bicycle (no blood for oil) protest there, when I was the only Granny able to risk arrest for blocking the door, I was so grateful to be joined by a young woman who, I learned later at court, was trying to get her passport to join the G8 protests in Germany. For an old woman, it is not easy to hold on to any hope for the future. The commitment of youth to creating a better world is a wonder for which I am incredibly grateful. I hope you will join us and that I will be able to join you at many efforts toward justice and peace. Thank you, Sara

JOIN US 21.Dec.2007 20:22

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

When I asked people to join me at Blumenauer's office 21 weeks ago, I tried to make it very clear that there is no leader, no rules, and no organization. The only thing many of us have in common is a desire to see an end to this madness. We are truly leaderless and people do as they want. I agree and support everything my friend and mentor, (in so many ways) Sara has said above. You are welcome and wear anything you want, if some find that offensive---too bad! Come and talk to us you may find us old folks interesting and funny. I like to laugh even when my heart is breaking.

Week 21 - 3 Arrested <video> 22.Dec.2007 15:47

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

The Congressman needs to hear this important message ... and three people stepped up to sacrifice their freedom for the betterment of mankind to deliver that message.

To tell you the truth one cop could of arrested all these dangerous protesters
But instead the city used 12
Seems like over kill and a waste of money... but then again the three did look like there could be "trouble" and better to be safe with a dozen of guns handy!

Thanks to those who in many forms are showing solidarity and those three brave peacemakers who gave up their liberty for the rest of us.

The week 21 - 3 Arrested "video" is here on Google:

Diversity of tactics? 23.Dec.2007 22:29


I'm a little confused by this. Anarchists across the united states are faced with the concrete reality that our most effective tactics have been rendered ineffective. That anarchists and radical anti-imperialists are shut down in the streets from Miami to New York. The cops can out number us, and crush us because we have failed to build a popular movement that is more engaging than a sub culture. Myself included.

Most of the time anarchists don't really get organized enough to have an organization history to reflect on. The hand full of groups that do are often criticized as being "life stylist" for engaging in self criticism, and reflection. I was reading an article just the other day that said that Love and Rage was a "life stylist" group for engaging in self criticism, and reflection.

So no. I don't see it. I've un-arrested anarchists. I've un-arrested liberals. In terms of effect I hardly see the difference anymore. I've participated in some of the more "effective" protests the northwest radical scene has organized. I remember what it was like to have some half way organized affinities on the streets. Anarchists that could get 6 thousand fliers up. What we lacked then, and still lack to this day was follow through. We'd do a really awesome action, and get a lot of engagement from "different communities" (meaning people defined by and constrained by their privilege to a single/handful of tactics i.e. direct action/peace/puppets community.) I look at it as flash in the pan organizing. If we didn't fall into that trap we're usually felled by organizational cultism.

When we do get tired of sitting on our asses, and pull off some potent community wide action we usually fall into a bickering mess over who should take credit for what and stop working together.

Don't believe me? Do an indy search for words like "non-violence, or direct action" and I think you'll see what I mean. Really though this was mostly a pretext for maintaining the status quo. Leaders in the peace community want to remain that. Leaders in the anarchist community want to remain that. Leaders in groups don't want to be touched, or work outside thier box.

There are only a handful of protests that went beyond the occasional isolated action. These were rightly called campaigns. I see it from the grannies. But really in PDX where are the anarchist campaigns?

But honestly I think it's a bit redundant for us to be chastising liberals when we have failed to deliver any more than they have. If we're going to to do it then let's do it. Otherwise WTF? It's like chanting "We're the Anarchists and we kill the Bouguazee." Fucking joke right? We might as well chant "We're shit talking posures!"
Take a good hard look at places where anarchists are engaged in popular movements and you'll see what we're missing in America, and specifically the Pacific North West.

Just a thought on your definition of "radical" anarchists in Spain won a popular referendum and were democratically elected as representatives. What did they do? they pulled up fences and fought the very notion of property. It took the combined power of the world's superpowers to stop them. Would I vote against fascism? If the lines were really drawn? If the contradictions were really sharpened? You're damn right I would. (A)re you willing to do that?

I aint a hopeless pessimist. Just trying to keep this dialogue real.

For what it's worth I think that folks are getting tired of not bieng effective and might be ready to work together and do some more "potent community action." Beyond that? Who knows?

google moved their videos 20.Dec.2012 22:28

joe anybody

google moved their video files to YouTube

 http://youtu.be/TbMpevLVZvk (1 hr and 14 min)