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Uranium On The Cranium Game

uranium on the cranium:
indigenous pursuit game when
family and friends gather
Break into two teams: "Blue Wolf" and "Bold Eagle".
Answer the questions for (1) one point for each right answer. Test your
knowledge of Mohawk and Indigenous issues. Most points wins.

1. What do these acronyms stand for?
PHAC, ANR, UDI, STD, DWI - the "Indian Act" and "federal Indian law"
Indians should know quite a few of these colonial government agency

2. Who wears the biggest suit made out of mirrors?
a) Dave General - man-about-town band council puppet at 6 Nations.
b) Phil Fontaine - lap dog for colonial corporate masters.
c) Stephen Harper - who gets his suits from Omar the Tent Maker;
d) Alan McNaughton - the "great pretender", modeling the latest 'Confederacy Chief' chic.
e) Stiff competition here - all of the above.

3. Which judge made illegal orders against the Algonquins for trying to stop uranium mining on their land, and then jumped ship?
a) Thompson
b) Marshall
c) Judge Judy
d) Clarence Thomas
e) "Big Bad" Bev McLachlin
f) SCCs Bouncing Binnie who erroneously turned the "Two Row Wampum" into an assertion of British sovereignty [R v Mitchell]

4. What does that phony land holding company "HDI" at 6 Nations stand for?
a) HandsomeLake Dummy Indians;
b) Ho Dedo Index
c) Haudenosaunee Development Institute
d) Howdy Doody, Indian!
e) Herr Detlor's Inferno

5. What was the biggest 2007 Indigenous story?
a) Canada & U.S. not signing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.
b) Canada trashing environmental protection initiatives in Bali .
c) Residential school "shut up" money.
d) Serial killer Pickton found guilty of helping who-knows-who to murder women.
e) Finding MREL's bomb making, testing and international selling site at Sharbot Lake on Algonquin territory.
f) Shawn Brant of Tyendinaga arrested for not closing down the "Trans 'Canada' Highway" and not blocking CN rail.

6. Do you fit any of these stereotypes?
a) Beads and feathers Princess
b) Criminal
c) Cigarette dealer
d) Street person
e) Street worker
f) Welfare bum
g) Patsy for organized crime
h) Sharp suit bureaucratic wonderkind
i) Grand, Grander or Grandest Chief "Know-it-all" in the corporate pocket.
j) Camo bandido with a Warrior Flag
k) Dumb, slow to learn
l) Passive, no feelings
m) Humble, speechless, stoic cross-bearer in bare feet
n) Can't look people in the eye
o) Brave in Buckskin
p) Drunken drug fiend
q) Prison inmate
r) All of the above
s) None of the above
t) **Bonus 5 points if you don't fit any

7. Who's sorriest Now?
a) Marla Henry of Tohono O'odham Nation Tribal Council who single-handedly stops her own family from crossing the fake Mexico-U.S. "wall" where many are left to die.
b) The nuclear physicists who moved their families into the "Chernobyl-in-waiting" at Chalk River , just upstream from Ottawa 's 'glowing' hypocrisy.
c) Prime Minister Stephen Harper's great grandchildren whose inheritance will be nothing but industrial waste, toxic waste and environmental collapse that he is putting in place.
d) Whoever caved into the lies of arms dealer's buddy, Mealey Brian Mulroney, and dished out $2.1 million to keep his kids in high class schools while indigenous children starve, drink bad water, and live in toxic waste.
e) Al Gore for accepting the Nobel Prize for his work in "stopping environmental destruction."
) Niobium shareholders who are losing their shirts because Mohawks of Kanehsatake don't want to be polluted so Niocan can sell radio-active ore to their military customers.

8. Which Caledonian stopped wearing her gaudy necklaces at public functions because it got caught on her foot and got stuffed down her mouth one too many times?
a) Christine
b) Marie
c) Betty Boop
d) Hillary Clinton

9. Who got on the scale and broke it?
a) Porky Pig
b) Miss Piggy
c) Dirty Pig
d) Gary McHale

10. Who is suing who in Akwesasne?
a) Everybody
b) Nobody
c) Phil
d) Barbara, Lorraine , Jim and other Sell-outs of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe and their casino's buddies
e) Conrad Black

11. Who owes the most money at Akwesasne because of signing business and land agreements without the knowledge or consent of the people?
a) Phil
b) Barbara, Lorraine , Jim
b) New York State
c) Casino companies
d) Donald Trump
c) All but maybe one of the above

12. Who chickened out of supporting the "Travel and Navigation Ban" on Haudenosaunee land?
a) 207 Longhouse, Kahnawake, who have become "wet noodles".
b) Akwesane Longhouse, who have become "invisible".
c) Tyendinaga, who are deeply unpacified.
d) Ganienkeh, who just want to pacify their critics over their mishandling of Mohawk Nation community resources.
e) Kanehsatake, who will never become pacified.
f) Six Nations, who steadfastly bring Caledonians out of their pacifism.

13. Which band council on Mohawk Nation Territory screwed its people the most?
a) Tyendinaga - trying to sell out the Culbertson land claim.
b) Kahnawake - trying to convince us that our land "was given to us" by Louis XIV.
c) Six Nations - Dealing behind the backs of the people with the colonial government.
d) Ganienkeh - the pseudo band council of three people taking Mohawk Nation resources and hiding it under their beds.
e) If your band council can top these, give yourself 5 points.

14. Match the SLAPP Suit Comedy to the person or nation being sued?
a) CN Rail for $108 million
b) Sharbot & Ardoc Lake Algonquins for $77 million
c) Harrah's Casinos for $2.8 billion
d) Forensic audit of $58 million theft from the Indigenous people
e) Man on the Moon, $56.5 billion

i) Kanehsatake - victim
ii) Akwesasne - perpetrator, tribal council wants to pocket the money.
iii) Frontenac Ventures Corporation - wants to sprinkle uranium dust over everyone in the Ottawa and St. Lawrence River water shed.
iv) Shawn Brant of Tyendinaga - victim.
v) For failing to deliver green swiss cheese to the Japanese Embassy.

15. Which community did wannabe Guillaume Carle of CONK claim to be from?
a) Kahnawake
b) Kanehsatake
c) Maniwaki
d) Akwesasne
e) All of the above

16. Who's been meddling in the internal affairs of Akwesasne?
a) State of New York
b) U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs
c) Department of Homeland Security
d) Catskills Casino Development LLC
e) Empire Resorts,
f) Bank of Scotland
g) Dirty Rotten Lawyers
h) New York Power Authority
i) Canadian Department of Indian Affairs
j) Canada Customs Revenue Authority
k) U.S. government
l) Merger of SRMT Inc., Empire Resort shareholders & Sullivan County legislators.
m) All of the above
n) None of the above

17. Who said, "Get those fucking Indians out of the Park?"
a) Queen "We are not amused" Elizabeth II to Dodi Fayed.
b) Mike Harris to the TRU Team.
c) The head of the OPP, RCMP, TRU Team to all their favorite undercover agents, some of who are "Indians".
d) Jim Potts, the self-proclaimed policing know-it-all of "Indians" world to Julian Fantino, the OPP commissioner.
e) Canada Research Council to the Indigenous applicants for research grants.
f) Former Prime Minister Paul "Whose Ship Went down" Martin to Heenan Blaikie.
g) "Slippery" Jean Chretien to his golf ball supplier.
h) Mealy Brian Mulroney to the Mohawks of Kanehsatake in 1990.

18. What's the favorite strategy of the colonists when faced with Indigenous resistance to their theft and genocide?
a) Canada announces its excellent human rights record.
b) The Queen arrives to present medals to hoop dancers in full regalia.
c) "Divide and conquer".
d) Flood the media with reports of drug busts, conjugal violence, "contraband" cigs and fraud involving "Indians".
e) Put on a major press conference to announce the arrest of a whole bunch of native people on trumped up charges. Don't let anyone know when the charges are dropped 3 weeks later for lack of evidence.
f) Release photos of tables full of military weaponry found on a reserve and forget to mention they were in a police or army van.
g) Scare them Injuns out of their wits by threatening invasions for whatever [you name it, they've done it].
h) Instruct Customs officers to pull Indigenous people in for questioning by "Immigration".
i) Announce a $30 billion settlement of some kind of land claim and then spend it all doing pseudo "research" and partying with your pals.
h) Promise the moon, the Brooklyn Bridge or something reasonable and then forget about it as if the Indigenous people misunderstood.
i) Forget the crap! Just send in the cops and the army and arrest everybody with dark skin for trespassing on their own land.
j) Poke and prod until you get a reaction, then turn on your cameras.
k) All of the above

19. Who said, "Peace is war, and war is peace"?
a) Terrance Nelson
b) Leo Tolstoy
c) George Orwell
d) George Bush

20. Who is the most psychotic unbalanced head of state? List them in order of worst to less worst.
a) Stephen "Doughboy" Harper
b) George "Heavy-handed Creep" Bush
c) Felipe "Brutolo" Calderon
d) Ghenghis Khan
e) Adolph Hitler - the only person granted the honor of committing genocide, 'cause killing Injuns just don't count.
f) Pope Ratzinger
g) Homer Simpson's boss, Mr. Burns
h) Nicholas "Cracking Down on the Immigrants" Sarkozy of France
i) Tony "Still Slinking Around London Somewhere" Blair
j) Joseph "Kill all your enemies" Stalin
k) Queenie "Everything is proper" Elizabeth II, gangsta front for bankers and war mongers

21. The Haudenosaunee Confederacy is not a member of the United Nations because:
a) Deskahe of Six Nations Confederacy was shut out in 1923.
b) Duncan Campbell Scott did not want his dirty laundry aired in public.
c) "Canada" and the "U.S." did not want to admit they are on stolen land and are stealing Indigenous resources.
d) Canada did not want to take responsibility for Britain 's greed.
e) Canada and the U.S. believe that everyone is equal except the Indigenous people.
f) Other members of the UN are afraid that Indigenous people on the lands they stole will ask for equal rights. The Indigenous people fit the legal
definition of a state better than the colonial corporations squatting on our lands.
g) All of the above
h) None of the above

22. Why don't Indigenous people want to be absorbed by the U.S. and Canada ?
a) They don't want to become couch potatoes.
b) They will never be that desperate.

23. Who is the "leader" of the Algonquins?
a) Allen Pratt, a lawyer
b) Bob Potts, a non-native Algonquin negotiator
c) Doreen Davis, chief, cook and bottle washer for Sharbot Lake
d) Randy Cota , Ontario Provincial Police 'Chief' of Ardoc Lake
e) Paula Sherman of Trent U.
f) John A. MacDonald
g) Louis Riel
h) Sitting Bull

24. Who is the slimiest professional suck-up to all sides of an Indigenous issue?
a) Heenan "Sulpician Flunkey" Blaikie
b) Hutchens, Sakora, who are everywhere like a dirty shirt
c) James O'Reilley, who is right behind Hutchens Sakora
d) Powerbud "Get those aboriginal resources" LLB
d) Gowling Henderson
e) Steve "Makes the Rounds to Mohawks & Algonquins" Reynolds
f) Michael "Who Smokes Pipes with the Elders" Swinwood
g) Paul "Ronowaiak" Williams
h) Aaron "Sponge Bob" Detlor
i) Micha "Mike Mitchell" Menzer
j) Tony "Dirty Millions" Merchant, who abused aboriginal law students to make a mint off residential school victims.

25. Who is the greediest "hangers on" ad agency or research firm that plays all sides?
a) Communications "Sponsorship Scandal" Strategy of Montreal
b) Joan "Who's got a standard land claims package for every client but charges like it was new" Holmes
c) Jane Dickson Gilmore who will write anything for anybody for a dime. She wrote a nasty on us for the RCMP.
d) Karlheinz "All I wanted was an armored vehicle plant" Schreiber. [Why should Indigenous resources be bled for European wars and arms deals?]

26. What did Indian Affairs accomplishment for 2007?
a) Doing their dirty work out of media sight.
b) Hosting racist website " Caledonia Wakeup Call".
c) Not supplying clean water to 70% of Indigenous communities that don't have it.
d) Made sure land claims did not respect independent sovereignty and resource rights for the true owners, the Indigenous peoples.
e) Made sure no lunch or coffee breaks were missed at the " Tower of Power " in Hull .

NOTE: We can't provide the answers to these questions. We know you have the answers. You'll just have to guess and rate yourselves like the
government and public do when it comes to indigenous matters. If we left out any obvious questions, send them along.

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