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We are not alone--lone vet report

Lets get together at Earl's place
Grinch or Turkey
Grinch or Turkey
It must be Thursday at Earl's office!

Come play with us on this 21st week of protesting outside of our congressional representative's office. He has done such a great job of screwing his constituents we must acknowledge his hard work.

He has been awarded two prizes this year, one from the Individuals for Justice--that being a Turkey Award. He has just been given third place award from Jobs with Justice, that being Grinch of the Year.

He is too busy delivering homemade fruitcakes to the local radio stations to meet with his constituents, who call for him to uphold his oath of office.

We will stay until 2:00 PM to wish him well in his future employment, because after 2010 he will not be a congressional representative. I would love to say 2008, but he has too much money this time, but next time he will begone!

The worst kind of scoundrel is one who says one thing and does the opposite. It is easier to deal with someone like Gordon Smith, you know if you are paying attention, that he is corrupt. It is more difficult with DLC democrats who appear to be saying the right things but at the end of the day, they screw you just as much as "The Gorgon."

The dems just gave Bush everything and more for the continuation of the genocide in Iraq. They all have to go!

Pelosi now says the corrupt republicans fooled her, she thought they would support a time line to get us out of Iraq. The lady is stupid or is as corrupt as the republicans are. Either way, the Speaker of the House should resign.

So, come play at 729 Oregon Street, no rules save one, be proud of what you say or do during the demonstration.

See ya at high noon,

For Justice and Peace,
Joe Walsh---Lone Vet
Portland, OR.


We are not alone,

Rep. Robert Wexler announced he has received over 100,000 signatures on his site for the impeachment of the criminals in the WH. He only asked for 50,000 but now says, what the hell lets go for 250,000
This is good!

homepage: homepage: http://www.impeach-nw.com

Hey Lone Vet 19.Dec.2007 22:08

You know what we need.....

We need you to run for office. They are too good at minimalizing the public.

It is absolutely essential that we have devoted people such as yourself in these positions.........let me say that again....... IT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL THAT WE HAVE DEVOTE PEOPLE SUCH AS YOURSELF IN THESE POSITIONS!!!!!!

Please give us more than your precious activism. We are in dire need of people like you. Bless you

Do SOMETHING to bring about impeachment 20.Dec.2007 15:38

East Bank Thom johnson.thom@gmail.com

The Lone Vet was among 3 Portlanders arrested today attempting to shame Earl Blumenaur into doing his job, by upholding the Constitution and proceeding with formal impeachment hearings in the House. Earl still stands with Nancy "off the table" Pelosi despite his rhetoric to the contrary. He doesn't support impeachment YET.

Contact Earl while he's on Christmas vacation. Over 4000 Americans won't be celebrating Christmas or Hannukah or anything else this year because of Bush's Iraq war (and the Democrats lack of leadership).

Protests continue:
Thursdays: Noon to 2pm
729 NE Portland St.
(Lloyd District)