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Pink Panther has nothing on Sandy Pd

After eight long months of investigation and super sleuthing, The fine deputies from Clackamas County, and Sandy P.D. have teamed up to arrest the felonious ne'er do well who was viewed (many times, on a wireless monitor at City Hall) plunking logs at a video camera in the park, a long four blocks from silly hall. Bravo. Wonder if Willard and Bergin had anything to do with it?
Hey folks, ya just can't make this shit up. I am citing my favorite "source" here, when I tell you that this major crime ring has been broken. The vandalism king pin is now wearing steel bracelets, while Dudley do right and crew search high and low for another perp who has stolen the same camera, after first perp succeeded in smashing it to pieces. Good luck, and rock on, deputies!

You read it first here, but it was stolen from the Sandy Pots (thanks for the breaking news, Marcus, you scooped us):

After eight months, police say they finally have caught the person they believe was responsible for damaging the city of Sandy's video camera in the Meinig Park gazebo.

On April 22, a lone vandal disabled the gazebo camera - which sends images to City Hall wirelessly - after he repeatedly threw a piece of wood at it, causing more than $2,000 in damage.

Video footage shows the culprit - who police say is 18-year-old Adam John Freeman of Sandy - picking up the wood, throwing it, then walking in front of the camera to pick it up and throw it again. The incident made several local television news stations.

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office took the footage and produced several photos of the suspect, which assisted Officer Jason Coates in his investigation.

"Basically, I began looking for him," Coates said. "I could clearly see that the suspect had bushy red hair, average height, slender build."

But the suspect's bright purple and turquoise shirt was what was most distinct.

"I was able to identify the suspect basically by the shirt," Coates said, noting that he went around town, asking people about the incident and showing them the suspect photos. "I basically got information from people who either were there or had knowledge that (the vandalism) occurred."

When Coates finally found Freeman - who was bouncing from house to house at the time - he found a very cooperative suspect.

"Basically, he admitted to doing it, to throwing the sticks," Coates said.

Freeman reportedly told Coates that he damaged the cameras because he and others objected to being video recorded in a public park.

"After the fact, he realized that it was kind of stupid," Coates said. "He apologized."

Freeman, who was cited and released from Clackamas County Jail, faces a charge of first-degree criminal mischief. He was a minor when he allegedly committed the crime but will be tried as an adult in Clackamas County Circuit Court.

"I wouldn't call this a huge case, but it's one of those things where you do a little work and sometimes it pays off," Coates said.

In other news, police are still looking for the person or persons who stole the damaged camera from the park a few days after the April 22 vandalism. Coates noted that he has no reason to believe Freeman was involved in that crime.

Basically speaking 19.Dec.2007 20:44

Basically not a cop

Basically, I think the kid should basically be pretty thankful that he wasn't shot. I guess Sandy pigs basically only shoot people who are both unarmed and badly injured. Basically speaking.

Coates. Where have I heard his name before? Wasn't he somehow involved in the Kaady killing? Was he one of the crack "investigators" who determined that Willard and Bergin didn't do anything wrong? Why does that name sound so familiar. And that manner of saying "basically" so much.

It would be ironic if this guy was involved in the Kaady investigation, because if he couldn't find murderers right in front of his fucking face, it would be pretty basically typical if he uses his crack skills to take down a kid throwing logs at a spycam. (I Say, take em down. Take down all intrusive spy cams. If I'm chosen for this jury, I will find them innocent. I say taking out Big Brother Cams is self defense. Defense of the homeland. Yeah. That's the kind of homeland security I could support: Save us from Big Brother.)

I would smash the cameras, too 19.Dec.2007 21:28

no surveillance!

If I were there, I'd find a way to disable that damn camera, too! I also object to being surveilled while relaxing in a public park, especially one so far out of the big city! The stupid ones who should be jailed and fined are the ones who paid for and had the camera installed in the first place. The kid should have disguised himself first, though.