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To Think I Was Actually Feeling Sorry For The Waddling Bandit

All the hype in local news since yesterday evening is the heart rending story of poor Mr. Christie, who was mistakenly arrested, and held without bail, all because he walks with a waddle, and some asshole thought he might look like the picture the FBI had posted, of the so called "Waddling Bandit."
Not any more. The guy is a millionaire, has the perfect case, has the resources, and says that he is just going to chalk up this whole phony case to experience. Dumbass! Those who have the means, and fail to protect their rights and freedom are worse than those who would take them away, because they give carte blanch to sloppy Fuckin Bad Investigators to just snag whoever they want off the streets, whenever they feel a need. No sympathy for ya, bud. Brandon Mayfield is my hero. People who stand up for their rights deserve all of our praise. You, sir, deserve the dumbshit award.

Oh, here is the "source," for all those out there who are going to demand it of me:
Cleared 'Waddling Bandit' suspect speaks out
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* 'Waddling Bandit' case dismissed, man cleared

Story Published: Dec 18, 2007 at 11:28 PM PST

Story Updated: Dec 19, 2007 at 11:54 AM PST
By Anita Kissee and KATU Web Staff

TIGARD, Ore. - Imagine being arrested for robbing 20 banks, but you didn't do it.

That's what happened to a 71-year-old man from Tillamook who ended up being dubbed the "Waddling Bandit."

Robert Christie is now a free man after the FBI filed paperwork to clear him.

"It's about time," he told KATU News on Tuesday.

The retired millionaire was arrested in October in connection with a string of bank robberies stretching from Kelso to Medford, all because he says someone thought he looked like the guy on the wanted poster.

"In the paper it comes out we've been investigating this for two years. Well, they investigated me less than two days," he said.

Christie, a retired math teacher, has no criminal record. The tip that led to him came from a reward poster. Christie has a limp like the bandit and likes the same accessory - a hat.

"It was the hat," he said. "It had to be the hat. And it's the wrong color. The guy never used orange. But that don't count. I was close enough to solve the case."

The FBI claimed it found evidence at Christie's home, but the former suspect thinks it was his spending habits that made investigators suspicious. Christie owns a lot of property, is well off and likes to spend time at the casino.

However, despite losing 50 days of his life, and $20,000 to fight the charges, Christie does not plan to go after the FBI.

"It's been a good experience and education and a little bit of torture and maybe a little life threatening, but they aren't going to wreck any more of it. To h*** with them," he said.

The FBI said the case was dropped due to a lack of evidence and alibis that panned out.

Christie thinks if he had not had the money for a good attorney, things might have turned out differently.

Of course, this means the "Waddling Bandit" is still on the run. The FBI says he tends to target banks inside grocery stores and that he has never used a weapon. He has a signature limp and likes to wear hats.