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CIA-TortureGate scope is widening

Today, The White House is calling for retraction of "The New York Times articule exposing key players in CIA Tapes cover-up.....
Today , The White House is denying the claims of a "The New York Times articule citing,former "U.S. Attorney Gonzales" and Harriet Miers,and former Vice Presidential Counsel David Addington and Current Chief of Staff for the Vice President,Jim Bellinger had allededly
held discussions with the CIA on "whether and how" to destroy those CIA torture tapes,back in 2005.

The White House has been exposed backed to Cheney's Office again, And it's IMPEACHMENT time !!!!
How much coruption does the White House thinks us "Americans" are going to stand for.

Thank-God for "Freedom of the Press" and sometimes for "the truth really getting out thru "some" corporate media outlets.

George Bush and Cheney,consider yourselves retracted !!!