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1219 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Wednesday, December 19th, 2007.
1219 am 'Get This' news
1219 am 'Get This' news
12/19/07 Get This
Chris Andreae

1. 'Oops, I Did It Again': You can take the boy out of the war, but you can't take the... Back-from-Iraq Marine Ryan Osbrink shot and killed his wife while practicing his 'quick draw', prior to signing on as a cop. (QED: The NRA teaches eight year-old children never to point a gun - loaded or unloaded - at anyone or anything unless you plan on killing it.)
2. Terminally Fucked: Now Kulongoski says that the Federal Energy Commission needs to do a better job of analyzing the environmental disaster potential of adding LNG terminals to Oregon's arsenal of Bad Ideas.
3. Coos And Effect: At the same time, down in Coos Bay activists are ginning up for another protests against the siting of a future bomb crater in their community. To be fair, big explosions go a long way toward focusing the dim gaze of the general public on a problem. It's a lot harder to get the Average Citizen to take an interest in a gigantic LNG pipeline running through remote areas known for seismic activity - and all for the sake of a handful of investors making a fist full of dollars. And they aren't even Oregonians...
4. News To No One: Somebody got paid to come up with this jaw-dropper: Oregonians are paying more for healthcare (And for unnecessary studies of problems that are so close to your face they could knock your teeth out if you smiled... )
5. More of the same: The Trust for America's Health says that the nation is still unprepared for disaster. (Although that isn't entirely true. Investors stand to make a bundle on each unfolding catastrophe and they have already spent the money... )
6. Foreclosures are still coagulating in the economic bloodstream. "Sitting tight" is a tactic and what we need is someone with a little strategy up a sleeve.
7. The European Central Bank president wants banks to come clean regarding exactly how much they expect to lose in the wake of a financial crisis that is putting the screws to credit conditions right now. (This is what's known as a 'strategy', not to be confused with America's plan for surviving financial implosion, which most closely resembles Fantasy Island... )
8. Bread and Circus Department: Bush cut the US stockpile of nuclear weapons.
9. FBI interrogators say that the CIA's aim in using torture on detainees was to "belittle" them. (Wouldn't a simple 'Kick Me' sign clandestinely taped to the detainees' buttocks have served that purpose just as well? And it would have saved us face among the community of nations.)
10. Current and former Bush administration officials say that a least four top white House lawyers took part in discussions with the CIA concerning the destruction of videotapes of the torture of two alleged al Qaeda operatives. Alberto Gonzales, David ' Henchman' Addington, John Bellinger and Harriet Miers. This last is comical: How anyone at the Agency could have imagined that Harriet had the brains to program a VCR is risible.
11. Giving Anarchy a Bad Name: More than 250 former detainees who could tell the world a thing or two about the balls-to-the-wall chaotic, lawless, raw, psychotic violence at Abu Ghraib. They are suing private contractor ("For All Your Torture Needs!") CACI International. (Footnote: None of the detainees involved in the case were ever charged and all were alter released.)
12. US military judge agreed to decide whether Osama bin Laden's driver Salim Ahmed Hamdan, is a prisoner of war under the Geneva Conventions. (Here's the deal; Hamdan took the job because he needed the money, not because he was committed to jihad. Same argument American soldiers have invoked: "I really don't enjoy killing innocent strangers. I just needed to make a living... ')
13. And The Winner Is... The Pew Research Center says that as the US media loses interest in covering the news out of Iraq, the American public's support for the war is on the rise.
14. The pundits and policy wonks will still be deliberating the obvious guilt of Blackwater Worldwide's murder of Iraqi citizens when the dust settles, but Big Merc really stepped in it last week: A fine Blackwater employee went and shot a New York Times reporter's dog.
15. Turkey Stuffs Iraq: Turkey says that it has every right to invade Northern Iraq because the PKK rebels are holed up there. The US says that Turkey didn't really invade Iraq but if it did that would be okay with the US, but in any case, it would be a "Turkish Decision" and completely out of our hands. We just clear the airspace and see what happens. US commanders in Iraq say they didn't know Turkey was sending troops across the border into Iraq. And Iraq wants to know why it wasn't asked - or even informed - of the invasion. Thank you! Thank you! You've been a wonderful audience! Drive safely! God bless! I'll be here all week...
16. One of out ten Iranian prisoners being held by US forces in Iraq has been released. (Good! Only hundreds more to go... )
17. Today's the day in Mecca when pilgrims making Hajj get to stone the Devil, missing the US by thousands of miles.
18. South Africa's Thabo Mbeki lost to populist Jacob Zuma in the race for leadership of the African National Congress - which mean Zuma is a shoo-in for the presidential seat in 2009. Zuma managed to beat a rape charge in order to achieve his current political zenith. (Oh, Monica, we learned so much from you... )
19. And in Ukraine, the charismatic Orange Revolution leader Yulia Tymshenko became that nation's prime minister.
20. Israel killed twelve Palestinian freedom fighters. This is one of the worst incidents of Israeli bloodlust in months. And it leaves the words, 'ethnic cleansing' hanging in the air like a noose...