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Gov.Kulongoski Turn your Plane to Iowa around !!

Gov.Kulongkski is headed to Iowa from Oregon today To Stump for HILLARY Clinton in Iowa.
Hey Governor Kulongoski,

Turn "OUR" citizen owned plane to Iowa around Now !!!

Edwards For President and First Lady of Iowa has been notify'd of your cover up of Neil Goldsmidt Raping of a 14 year old 33 years ago.
I can't beleve you would even think you could pull off stumping for anyone, when you need to stay put in Oregon.
IF you call Governor Culver of Iowa's Office, you'll see he is not backing anyone, as his job depends on it.

WHY do you ask ?...
..ORS statutes require you from making any decisions regarding the welfare of children while you are under investigation of any such conflicts re:children.
That would mean, you can not back any canidate running for any elected office in which the election would result in desiscions Re:children and their furture.

And you sure should not have been a party to any desision Re; Oregon Born Citizen 2 year old Gabrielle Allread possible displacement to Mexico !!!

1) You need to get "OUR" Oregon Police academy back up and running so Trainees that were halfway thru training can finish.

2) "Our" State Troopers need to be on duty 24 - 7 not off at 2:am and back on at 7: a.m. and have proper cell phone or vechicle phone service hook-up to do their Jobs right to protect and serve us.

3) "Our" Oregon Health Plan needs to have proper codes restored so children can get all services covered.

4) You need to put a lock on that dam refridgerator with all the wine and booze in it as was evidenced by "Williamette Week" "Canidates gone Wild" "CRIBS SECTION" and sober up and Start fixing you mess's at home.

5) "US CITIZENS" from Oregon had better not be footing the bill for this trip either !!!

6) SO as one of your Oregon Citizens, I guess I need to know ? What supposed position has Hillary offered you in D.C. if she were to be elected? cause you'll never get it now.

7) As a Democrat don't you think you'd alienate all of your other citizens whom need a non-partisan Governor for the rest of his term ?

I will say it again, your current Attorney General should have never kept me from filing that Consumer Fraud Complaint in 2003 against Pfizer,you dont get to tell citizens whom are suppose to be able to access the proper complaint process that they are going to be arrested for calmly walking in and trying to access the Oregon System.

So turn the Plane around, as I'm calling "CNN NEXT" "AND" I will continue to help humilate your lack of ethics until hell freezes over.