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Impeach Cheney -- take action

Please join 100,000 of us, sign Congressman Wexler's online petition calling for impeachment hearings.
IMPEACHMENT requiresTHREE MINUTES of your time...
Congressman Wexler is publicly calling for impeachment.
He has launched an online petition drive calling for hearings.
He had hoped for 50,000 signers.
With your help, we can kick the number over a hundred thousand.
The charges are too serious to ignore. There is credible evidence that the Vice President abused the power of his office, and not only brought us into an unneccesary war but violated the civil liberties and privacy of American citizens. It is the constitutional duty of Congress to hold impeachment hearings.
and send a message to Congress!

What happened to Cindy Sheehan's Hand Written letter drive 19.Dec.2007 13:22

little voice

Does anyone know how Cindy Sheehan's drive for 10,000 Handwritten letters to Pelosi asking to move forward with the impeachment of cheney? I thought the last I heard was she was up to 7000.

The Handwritten letters were suppose to be sent to:

Send the letters to:
Nancy Pelosi
c/o Cindy for Congress
Re: Impeach Dick Cheney
1260 Mission St.
San Francisco, Ca 94103