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Tukwila Six - Student Expelled - Solidarity Alert

A short 3 min a/v clip about the Tukwila Six Students and the one "student who was expelled" recently (?)
Solidarity Alert
Solidarity Alert
Added: December 19, 2007 to YouTube
A short 3 min clip about the Tukwila Six "student(s)" involved. The one [and only] picture in this clip is a picture taken on the day that the police were called by the school due to organizing [after school] by the students in solidarity against this illegal war. This clip was from the radio station KBCS that was reporting on 12/13/07 about the Tukwila Student(s)and the one student specifically who was expelled for a minor issue.

Here is the audio/video I put together

The following was an email I received on 12/18/07 and it was where I was able to derive the radio clip from and make my short YouTube clip
I am doing this to help pass along information on these anti-war students and encourage some solidarity for their brave stance.

Again, fantastic. This is going to be a major morale boost for the teachers and students!

Check this article out. New York--If you can make it there....


Also check out:

here's the link to the update on the Tukwila situation that aired on KBCS on Thursday


The students meet again Wednesday.

rick harlan < rickharlan@igc.org> wrote:
Here's the motion that passed our Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly today. One vote Against passage; about 100 For ! :

December 17, 2007

WHEREAS the Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly is very concerned about the academic freedom and professional future of six fellow educators in the Tukwila School District and the students involved in the November 16th, 2007 anti-war walkout and protest of military recruiting on campus; and

WHEREAS 71 percent of the students of the Tukwila School District is eligible for free and reduced lunch, and military recruiters visit Foster High School frequently at lunch, be it

RESOLVED that the Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly expresses its solidarity with the six Tukwila teachers and with any and all affected students in any ongoing or related disciplinary proceedings, and commits to support the quick and just resolution of said proceedings.

The discussion brought out a lot of related issues and energized our reps' flagging energy while we met on into dinnertime. My only regret is that the largest NEA local in the country, Los Angeles, passed a motion about this (below) before Seattle, the largest local in Washington state, did. . . . But SEA is next door and we're literally standing by now. And we're now committed to support thru the length of "just resolution"-- not only for the 6 teachers but for any and all students in related discipline. Note that this should include the case of one of the students circulating a petition in favor of the threatened teachers, who was subsequently suspended from school for 9 days or thru the end of the calendar year for the reason of using a PDA in class and stating she would not stop until other students who were doing the same stopped, too! 9 days? Yikes.

Anyway, here's to keep on keepin on.

Motion to Support Tukwila Teachers
Passed by the Board of Directors
United Teachers Los Angeles
December 5, 2007

Moved, that UTLA expresses it support for the six Tukwila teachers who face disciplinary action following a student walkout against military recruitment and urge a quick and just resolution of the proceedings against them.

Further moved, that the UTLA president will write the Tukwila Education Association a letter expressing our support, and offering assistance as needed.

Rationale: On November 16, over 1000 students in Washington state walked out of classes to protest the war in Iraq and the presence of military recruiters in schools. 150 students at Foster High School in Tukwila walked out as well. Now, six teachers are facing disciplinary action for their actions. As part of the notice teachers are threatened with dismissal if they discuss it with the public. This is clearly a violation of their rights.


<end quote> ~joe

I encourage support from Portland Activists and a show of our solidarity to the brave youth who are pursuing this statement of 'peace' against a lot of odds ...and to show our support of the teachers who are being investigated and or scrutinized unjustly.

Send an email or make a call. It really does make a difference!

For Information on easy links to contact school officials and more videos please check here:


homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id106.html

Update for 12/19/2007 19.Dec.2007 20:22

Joe Anybody (Reposting from Email Alert & Indy Media post ) TukwilaSix@joe-anybody.com

Here on this Indy Media link is a recent post pertaining to the Foster High School Board Meeting on 12/11/07
This article appears to of been sent out to various email lists as well as the independent newswire

(quote) On December 11th, for the second time in two weeks, approximately 100 students and community members attended the meeting of the school board in Tukwila, Washington to support the democratic free speech rights of the staff and students from Foster High School.......


in the link above, you will find information on "What Was Achieved" and "What is Next?"