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Impeach Earl

earl sucks
I originally destroyed this vid, because I found out Brett had a dumb tv show. (I don't have a tv) and I thought y'all would make fun of me for using pop rock. I think I posted it once before, but don't remember now.

Lone Vet..could you please repost when you will be destroying Earl's silly little "promise to peace". I would like to TRY and get time off from work to join. I have good hands for prints! This guy is a joke! I know..they are all jokes, but Criminy! he could at least TRY to fool us into thinking he gave a sh**.

anyway...I'll try to be there, until then..maybe this can inspire others? if you can get past the pop rock...I don't want to be just an armchair warrior..but three jobs....we do what we can.


Peace, and I'm sending my love and energy to you..

thank you. for using your free time to inspire others who have little 'free' time.