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FCC Quid Pro Quo

Thousands of people across the continent have weighed in to say NO to the FCC's plan to allow further consolidation of the media. Indeed, millions. More than 3 million people told them NO last year when they tried this. And thousands more spoke up this time. And still, the rubber-stamping took place today. In spite of overwhelming public opposition, the FCC voted today to give all of our stories away to a tiny, control-freaking, corporate elite. Why?
Could they be any more blatant? The FCC thinks they work for the corporate media. They are supposed to work for us. I don't know about you, but after today, I'm firing them.

There are rumors flying about that congress intends to check the FCC. But, said at least one commenter on the radio today, "It will be hard. Because the white house is reported to be supporting the FCC." Yeah. No shit. Bush is about to leave office, and he owes the corporate media big time. He owes them for ignoring his mental incapacities. He owes them for keeping quiet about the lies his administration has told to get us into wars all over the world. He owes them for treating him like so many lap dogs might treat a retarded master. He owes them for never asking a difficult question, and for turning a blind eye while he dismantled the US Constitution. He owes them for every smarmy, unethical, unforgivable thing they did for him. And today was payday.

But tomorrow is payback.

FIGHT the corporate media. Fight them, before we are all silenced.