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Animal Liberation Press officer interviewed on KBOO

Last week, activists from the Animal Liberation Front attacked private property belonging to an Oregon Health Sciences University researcher whom they described as a primate vivisector.
This is the second Oregon vivisector in six months to be targeted by the organization.
KBOO's Crystal Leighty spoke with Dr. Jerry Vlasak, with the Animal Liberation press office of North America.
link to audio:  http://www.kboo.fm/node/5250

on cointelpro 18.Dec.2007 22:24

some kid

Yeah, uh, if COINTELPRO does damage to our enemies, and doesn't gain anything out of it (like capturing us), they cease to be COINTELPRO, and are now allies. I'm tired of people accusing any unconventional actions of being COINTELPRO. Well answered, Jerry.