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Cop Speeds through Crosswalk full of School Children

At 4:01 today, I was stopped at a red light at the intersection of 33rd and Fremont. A school bus had just unloaded a large group of school children, and they were in crosswalks just ahead of me, going in two directions across the intersection. At that moment, I saw a speeding police car careening up from behind the line of cars stopped at the light. His siren was on, his flashers were going, and he was oozing with a sense of entitlement that defied belief as he failed to even slow the fuck DOWN in a SCHOOL zone, as CHILDREN were crossing a street, RIGHT NEXT TO A SCHOOL BUS.
In horror, I watched the police car slide over into the middle of the street in order to speed past all of the people stopped at the light. He was completely irresponsible, and apparently totally blind to the children in the crosswalk just in front of him. He never even slowed down. Thank God the children were more observant than he was, and managed to get out of the way. It was close, though, and as the cop turned down fremont and sped off with lights a'blazin, he flashed past at least twenty school children who were also trying to make their way home. ...In a 20mph school zone, no less.

Now, I have no idea what kind of call officer Entitlement was off to, but there's no way it could have been more important than the safety of our children. None. These cops should NOT be allowed to speed through a school zone like that. I don't care if someone was robbing a damn bank nearby. The loot from that bank is NOT more important than the lives and safety of all those children whom this fuck put at risk. How many people have been injured or killed by speeding police cars? Why? I do not think a cop should ever be allowed to travel at speeds like this on public streets unless someone's life is in imminent danger. And even then, send an ambulance, not a cop. A cop is many times more likely to hurt someone than to save someone. Just ask the Kaady family.

Horrible! 18.Dec.2007 19:02


I would tell you to call the police department, giving the time and location of this incident...but then I would remember that no one over there would care. "It is all in a day's work"...

Please report this to City Council!! 18.Dec.2007 22:11


Nevermind the police department...go to Sam Adams or Randy Leonard.

The police department is infected with DHS money and arrogance, and they have to be contained!

Good luck, and please publish your results.


Please Follow-up 18.Dec.2007 23:22


Sounds like there's some ambiguity as to the location of the incident that was allegedly witnessed.

Knowing the time and location would make it possible to find the driver of the school bus, who might be able to provide corroborating testimony to yours, as well as make it possible to pin down the police unit and personnel involved from the dispatch log.

Definitely this should be followed up on. It's a virtual certainty that there will be no reprimand or anything near a "gee, sorry" from the police gang management. But it's about all the occupants of the feedlot have to goose the keepers with--keep them on their toes. I suppose it's worth a try getting this info (time and location, maybe leading to contact with the schoolbus driver/witness and getting the unit/officer driver identification from the dispatch log -- if it's not Top Secret/National Security informtion) to elected officials, and see if they run with it.

I have the despairing feeling that would there have been any pedestrian fatality, the hot shot unit and driver would be absolved of any responsibility -- line of duty, "judgement call", Rosie "feeling horrible" -- no, "devastated"-- and it's back to business as usual. But I shouldn't get off on "what if."

Try to get straight on the location (sounds like you have the time) and see if you, maybe with help of Cop Watch on public record search, can find the bus driver (potential witness) from school bus dispatch records (using date, time and route) and the unit number/driver of the PPB vehicle (from the PPB dispatch log). It's possible that the school bus driver made his/her own report on this incident. Those items should compel elected officials to respond, with no excuses.

Some Obvious Links 19.Dec.2007 01:05

Lori L


Because I'm tired of people who get jobs as police or military in order to become more self-serving and murderous than they already are.

Pretty certain 19.Dec.2007 06:49


If a school bus was discharging children, cop cars are trumped. All lanes are to stop, and to remain so, until flashing lights stop. If the cop failed to do so, either 1)the bus was not discharging, or 2)the driver and cop were in communication, and the cop was after some one who had passed the bus illegally, or 3) the bus driver should report the incident, IMMEDIATELY, or be discharged, along with said copper.

Hey, I saw that! 19.Dec.2007 10:25


I was at that stop light! I was sitting on the corner of 33rd and Fremont yesterday, right about 4pm, and I saw all those kids in the crosswalk, and the cop whooshing through! Yes! I saw it too!

SOME Intersections are on Camera 19.Dec.2007 12:59


You could see if that intersection had one of those camera's on it, as a City employee sits at a tv camera console somewhere in te city ,all day, and monitors those camera's and intersections that are of high use,he controls the resetting of the signals so traffic flows evenly.
Portland trib did an articule on the guy last year..?

You see, Firemen have a special push button with them that changes lights to Red so they can get thru the intersections leagly by stopping traffic all four ways.
so that has to be recorded somewhere. And I think Cops have them but not for sure