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Nobody returns from war undamaged

While "practicing his draw," a "Highly decorated Marine," returned from Iraq, and about to start work as a cop, accidentally kills his wife. A tragedy that I fear will be repeated many times, as the vets return to civilian life. It is going to be dangerous for all of us out there.
A man scheduled to start a new job with the Clark County Sheriff's Office Wednesday accidentally shot and killed his wife as he was practicing his draw, police in Tualatin, Ore., said.

Kimberly Lynn Osbrink, 23, of Tualatin, died at OHSU Hospital in Portland, where she was taken after suffering a gunshot to the abdomen Sunday night.

Ryan Michael Osbrink, 24, had accepted a job offer from the sheriff's office. He was to begin his training to become a deputy Wednesday. His job status is now in limbo pending the outcome of the Tualatin investigation, sheriff's Sgt. Tim Bieber said Tuesday.

Police responded to a Tualatin apartment around 10:30 p.m. Sunday to find Ryan Osbrink giving first aid to his wife. According to police Capt. Jeff Groth, Ryan Osbrink had been practicing drawing his gun from a holster. Kimberly walked into the room and Ryan accidentally fired the gun, Groth said.

Although Groth characterized the shooting as an accident, he said the shooting remains under investigation.

Ryan Osbrink used his own .45-caliber H & K semiautomatic pistol in the shooting. The Clark County Sheriff's Office has not issued Osbrink a gun or other equipment.

Wednesday was to be a form of orientation for Osbrink, Bieber said. He would then take inhouse training courses before heading to the state law enforcement academy.
(Source: The former information shamelessly stolen from The Columbian)

We all know that the only thing these poor, trained killers will be qualified and experience to do, is to assume the same roll for their corporate sponsors that they held in the service. "To protect and to kill."

I really feel for this guy, but I worry for all of us as the ranks of all police departments become bloated with trained killers.

Gunning around the world for a paycheck 18.Dec.2007 18:07


I sure hope all the TRAINING that is being offered to GI's over seas as they use their guns for law n order
Doesn't get put into use here in our cities as "ex" soldiers come back looking for jobs with guns-a-blazing

The rampant lack of any kind of required "law and order" in the Middle East would make the returning vets a liability for gun use jobs" here in the states

In Iraq killing taxi drivers to little girls goes on all day long with impunity

Those same people in the service who are honing their skills on gunning down "bad" Iraqies....
And then are returning to "law and order" jobs here in the states ...??
Sounds like more Bush Crime Family Logic (read insanity) and more gunning down of innocent citizens/terrorists will be happening as we all are told the Terrorists are coming to get us, and the job to be a cop is the only thing available for a modern day gun slinger to apply for.

I can see where this is all headed to ....

the police state cometh 18.Dec.2007 19:33

Miami Model

Pay Attention

Homeland Security is arming a domestic police force

Tasers will be used more often

Dissent will die in the police state

We will obey

But....there is a better way!

Have you practiced our Bill of Rights lately?

just about WAR 19.Dec.2007 09:30


I did not see what 'disappointed' seems to have gleaned from the original posting. The issue, I believe, is what happens to people once they experience war. The young man who has killed his wife is yet another victim. His wife is a terribly poignant victim. We are all victims of war war war. I remember after Viet Nam the returning soldiers were sought after by police agencies because they had 'been through it' and were supposed to be well trained in the art of killing. That is what the original poster, I believe, was trying to say. No one comes away from war unscathed. There is always pain and there are always shadows remaining. That is one of the reasons war is always wrong. It wounds everyone and solves nothing and its psychic residue keeps on spreading the pain everywhere.

Safety Lock? 19.Dec.2007 09:33


I have never held a gun, but isn't there supposed to be some sort of *safety lock* or something so the gun won't fire when it is handled? Why didn't this guy have it on?

Clark County, did you say? 19.Dec.2007 20:32

Are you sure?

If it had been CLACKAMAS County, I would have just assumed he was practicing. They shoot unarmed people out there for no reason.

Well, maybe he can say he "feared for his life," that she startled him when she walked into the room so, naturally, he shot her. Or maybe he can plant some drugs on her so no one will care.

I feel bad saying this. What happened to this poor woman (and to him, if it really was an accident) is awful. Just awful. I cannot help but feel some compassion for that. But I also cannot help but see the irony of a cop doing this to his own family instead of someone else's. So many cops kill so many people without any accountability. Just a few simple words ("I feared for my life"), and a couple of hackneyed innuendos ("she was on drugs") seem to be enough to let them off the hook. At least when they do this to their own families, they're never really off the hook. Sad, but I wonder how many other peoples' families this guy destroyed when he was a soldier in Iraq.

And it occurs to me that it might not have been an accident. How do we know? People who like to hurt other people are drawn to military and police work. This guy went from being a soldier to being a cop wannabe. How do we know he didn't kill her on purpose?

He is not fit to touch a firearm 21.Dec.2007 08:01

Citizenview Adultcare@aol.com

In talking with many, it is felt that the guy did this in the moment of heat or passion because he suspected his wife's fidelity while he was in Iraq. Others said that people change when they go to war. At any rate, I personally believe that there was an intent and he should be prosecuted for this. He should never be allowed a firearm. He needs intensive psychological evaluation and questioning. He pointed the gun at her and clicked the trigger. You never point a gun at anyone except to kill, no exceptions. He was not on hunting grounds where accidents can occur. He was inside his home. People like this are more prone to bad accidents. Just look at Drew Peterson. If he has a gun in future, he will have accidents. He needs to be made accountable for this reckless killing. Look for intent and you will find it. I wonder if she had a life policy.