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AUDIO FILE: Naomi Klein, Q & A

This is the final 46 minutes or so of Naomi Klein's presentation from December 7, 2007, containing the Q & A session.
Naomi handled the session differently than I had ever seen before, probably due to the extremely long line of those wishing to comment or ask questions of her. She would first take a number of questions from the audience while taking notes of them and then respond to a collection of questions at one timebefore moving on to another group of questions.

Interesting strategy, and she pulled it off wellm responding to a multitude of questions and comments, including impeachment and 911.

As I said, the lines were long, and she was extremely gracious, even to those who seemed more determined to offer their own particular viewpoints than ask a question of her. Some of the "questions" were fairly lengthy, and since she heard a few of these at a time, there are at times a fair amount of distance between her answers.

Naomi Klein Q & A, RealPlayer

Naomi Klein Q & A, MP3

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thanks 18.Dec.2007 10:17

as suspected

the unfortunately somewhat-less-than-articulate 911 truther, while Ms. Klein was still answering and after he'd left the microphone, is heard to shout something (1-2 secs. of undisciplined rudeness), and from the postings in the previous discussion -  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/12/369719.shtml - seems did manage to offend the sensibilities of several among this Portland audience, typically well populated, it seems, with the sort of liberal who leaves the room when a fight breaks out.

Not to change the subject, but this is loosely analogous to so many in my own and later American generations who, wanting the best for their kids, rather than taking them out to hear live performances of the music of Mozart, et al - try enhancing their intellect with the "Mozart effect" by buying and playing for them CDs in "The Mozart Effect" Series...there are those among us we don't participate in their peace rallies, simply because the music is so bad...I think about leaving the country daily, simply because it's the most philistine nation of all time.