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Asking for help in Colton

Folks are still struggling with a mud slide/road closure out in Colton and I am hoping some of you will send emails to ask for a solution.
Several months ago, an article was posted here about a road closure in Colton. Most of you have probably never been out there, but I'm fairly certain that you are familiar with official tactics when citizens begin asking questions. The road remains closed and now the man in charge has stopped responding to questions.

What is most interesting is that this road was closed after a mud slide. The slide occurred when the owner of the property clear cut his land. Does that sound familiar?
This is happening all over the Northwest. People who care nothing for the land and the soil, cut trees and walk off with their profits while the rest of us are left to deal with road closures and, more importantly, the loss of precious soils and forests. This damage has been done, but I am hoping that when the county gets emails from the people that they will understand that we are out here watching and we are not clueless. Here is the email address for Don Ehrich, the Road Operations Manager for Clackamas County. If you have a few moments, would you be interested in writing and simply asking if the county plans on opening Hult Road in the future. I am hoping Mr. Erich will receive many emails and will realize that this "problem" is not going to go away. I am pretty certain that he feels he can out wait us, and that makes me angry.

another addy 18.Dec.2007 13:48


You might also contact the board of commissioners because I doubt of Don will tell them about his emails.


Mission of the ComMISSION 18.Dec.2007 14:01


Perhaps, in coming months, as the new commission takes shape (we FINALLY got rid of Sowa, and Kennemer is stepping down, to {shudder}run for state representative), with not one, not two, but three new members, maybe, just maybe, one of them will realize that the folks in the pucker brush also matter. We can also turn an election in new directions-You listening, Martha?

Dereliction 18.Dec.2007 19:35

Hudu U Werkfer

If anything remotely resembling a mudslide causing the closure of any major or minor arterial in the mega city of Clackamas County (Sunnyside/Happy Valley) had occurred, the slide would have been cleaned up before breakfast, even if the remaining National Guard had to be utilized. You can also bet that whoever was responsible would pay. Likewise, our three (soon to be five) County Commissioners ( http://www.clackamas.us/bcc/)would be responding to their constituents or looking for a new trough to wallow in. Please folks, help to make certain that the little community of Colton, where residents pay just as much per capita as the citizens of Happy Valley, does not get brushed aside any longer by the politicians and bureaucrats who are allowing this travesty to continue.

Each time a postal vehicle, a delivery van, a school bus, or just another vehicle has to detour twenty miles out of it's way for no reason except greed, another Iraqi is thrown onto the bonfire to create more fuel for Amerika. Nobody seems at all concerned that emergency vehicles must travel many more miles to and from civilization, but at least it keeps the Sheriff out of our environs most of the time, so fewer folks get shot.