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Draconian Choices: ...Hillary

In horror, today, I realized that I will probably vote for Hillary Clinton in the next election. I say that I am horrified by that because I do not believe in elections, I do not believe in the democrats, and I do not believe in Hillary Clinton either. But, I'm going to vote for her anyway. Here's why.
This is an uneasy confession. Because I am a radical feminist, and I know what Hillary Clinton is. She is the same brand of corporate shill as all of the other candidates. Like all the people running in this election, she will probably not end the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, no matter what any of them say. And like most of the candidates, she blindly supports the genocidal policies of Israel. She is a democrat and like all democrats, she is a flamingly useless, mealy-mouthed, liberal.

And as a radical, I know that the elections we throw like parties are just a sham. There are no real choices, and the people have no real power. Often, I think it may be better not to participate in the sham than to pretend my vote really matters. And yet, I will be voting for Hillary Clinton anyway. Why?

Because she is a woman.

That's right, boys, I am voting for Hillary Clinton for no other reason than that she is a woman. And frankly, that's as good a reason as any to vote for a candidate in this coming election. Can you think of a better one? Really? Because no candidate is really going to end the wars, no candidate is really on our side. But one candidate is a woman, and it's fucking time.

No, I do not expect that her gender will somehow qualify her to rise above the trappings of her office, any more than any man has ever done. She will not be perfect, and she will likely piss me off. (It takes a certain kind of person to pursue the presidency in this corporate world, and like every candidate who has made it this far, she is definitely that type of person. This is not a good thing.) So I am not deluded to think she will change her spots once elected. She will be the same power-mad, money-grubbing ego maniac that has always landed in the white house. She is no better than any of the other candidates, and her gender does not change that.

But I am a woman in America. And I grew up in a nation that insisted, all through my childhood and all through my teens, that it wasn't "ready" for a woman to be president. Not ready to be led by a woman.

I can still feel the rage that I felt as a child, hearing those words wielded like a judge's mallet, slammed down on Geraldine Ferraro. "America is not ready for a woman in such a leadership role," said the white male anchorman on the 6 o'clock news.

What the fuck does that even mean? Not READY? "America" is "not ready" for a woman as president? Why not? Say it. Call it for what it is. It is misogyny. It is sexism. It is a hatred of women. It is a limiting of our choices. "America" is not "ready" for fairness??? We are 51% of the population of this nation. It's been 231 years of rule by white males (though only 85 years since women finally won the right to fucking vote in this country). Trust me, it's way past time, and we are more than ready.

And so I am casting a vote for Hillary Clinton, because she is a woman. So help me, I am. I do not care how "ready" the privileged males in this country feel about that, either. I am ready. I am ready for a world where our daughters can grow up believing that they can be anything they want to be, and they don't need to wait for the men to be ready for them. It's the only issue in this election that I feel like my vote can really influence. I would like to have some other woman to choose (a woman who would stop the wars, a woman who would cut off aid to Israel, a woman who would stand up for the rights of working class people). But given the choice between Clinton and all those male candidates who will also not stop the wars or cut off aid to Israel or champion the working class, I will choose the woman.