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How YOU can help the children of Irish political prisoners this Christmas

An appeal to YOU to help make this Christmas a little bit better for the children of Irish Republican political prisoners. Please help and also please email the info below to friends or post anywhere you might think of. Thank you.

Last year, 2006, a member of the IRBB (Irish Republican Bulletin Board) an online discussion forum initiated a novel approach to support the annual CABHAIR Christmas Swim. The idea was to provide an opportunity for Americans to support this endeavor, by sponsoring a swimmer.

For the past thirty years this swim has been held in the River Liffey in Dublin on each Christmas morning. Irish based members of the forum are expected to be brave enough to take a dip into the frigid and lovely Liffey.

Meanwhile, it is hoped that interested Americans can play their part by sponsoring those that take the plunge. The organizer, has chosen Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta to act as a facilitator for accepting donations for the Swim.

Anyone wishing to get involved via the IRBB should visit  http://admin2.7.forumer.com for more information. Meanwhile regular contributors to the IRPAS Sustainer Program may indicate that their contribution is for the Cabhair Christmas Swim. Please make all checks and money orders payable to Cumann na Saoirse. All contributions large or small, are most welcome.

As an added bonus she has made available one of a kind hand made ornaments for anyone who can manage to contribute a $100 dollars or more. These are individually handmade works of art that feature an Irish harp modeled off the Cabhair harp on front and recognition of sponsorship for the 2007 Cabhair Swim on reverse.

Please send mail to; P.O. Box 1396, Laurence Harbor, New Jersey 08879



homepage: homepage: http:// http://admin2.7.forumer.com