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Paris: more billions for Israel's slaughter in Palestine?

In Paris again tax payers like you are forced to foot the bills of the warmongers. In 2007 the people in the European Union and its 27 member states where forced to pay Israel about $1.45 billion - which never reached the Palestinians. The genocidal human disaster only got worse.
FPF - Dec. 17th 2007 - Last January, when all so called multinational 'donors' got together in the French capital, they said 'they were going to help Lebanon'. That was quite profitable apparently, because now the US, Israel, the World Bank and likewise criminal IMF, the financial cartel running the European Union, etc. is going to 'help' Palestine. After sixty years of an absolutely inhuman, horrible Israeli-made genocide there.

According to AP, the European Union launched the day of pledges of aid by promising $650 million in 2008, EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said. Which in reality means, that the uninformed and overcharged tax-payers in the EU countries again will have to pay for the ongoing Israeli genocide of the Palestinians? Tax money for more collaborators and their fraud, which the 490 million people in the EU are forced to pay again? It's - on paper anyhow - more again than in 2007, when the people also were forced to pay for the criminal 'helpers' without knowing it. But for years I've seen how Palestinians pay with their lives.

The money hardly appears, and is mostly going to the perpetrators of the violence in the international banking circles and their weapons industry. Like in 2007 when the European Union collaborators - without asking anybody - initially pledged $245 million. But ended up contributing $798 million for 2007, because of the growing genocidal violence and inhuman atrocities by Israeli troops in the Palestinian territories. `And don't think that anybody who was paying the bills was asked: they are milked and bled dry. In all, the EU and the people in its member states where forced by their personnel - the so called 'politicians' and civil servants which like the EU top in Brussels betray them - to pay Israel about $1.45 billion, which never reached the Palestinians in 2007.


Concerning Palestine and this grouping of war groupies, the same can be said as about the conference on Lebanon last January: Imagine they wreck your country, house and car, kill your wife, rape your daughters, and than blame you for attacking the criminals who do this daily. Than they'll invite the other violators - with your enormous losses as a pretext in the propaganda - and thereafter they disappear with all lies and 'loans'. That's Sarkozy in Paris and Tel Aviv for you.

And here we go again: either we don't understand logic anymore, or the world as we knew it really has gone totally mad. International law and honesty was buried much deeper again at the conference held in Paris to 'help' the Palestinians, brutally and illegally war ravaged by Israeli armed forces for sixty years now. The foreign 'donors' - who agree with Israel's genocides and often finance them - on paper and in front of the TV cameras promised a lot, but it's known that only those ever will pay a cent who see a return on their money: politically or economically.

In Paris it was dirty politics and business as usual, proving that international law and decency for this group is a dead letter. None of the war criminals - and there's tons of evidence - was arrested yet. But the tide always turns, and their time in jail will come too. The blood of their innocent victims has washed away the warmongers fašade.


Sorely lacking in Paris again, was any form of logical thinking. "If you break it you own it," is the global logic, but that doesn't seem to work in this 'Alice in Wonderland' matrix for the junta's warmongers and their liars. Those who themselves are the origin, who have done all the damage, destroyed Palestine's infrastructure, put them in ghettos and killed and wounded all those people there too, with the United States junta's money, weapons and Israel's armed forces.

But, and it's hair raising, those war criminals now expect others again - like in the case of destroying Lebanon - to pay their bloody bills and support their crimes against humanity?

There's only one conclusion possible: those psychopaths must be ripe for the Cuckoo nest. They look like human beings, but are stark raving mad in their chutzpah. - They indeed are 'Beyond Insanity' as Amos M. Gunsberg wrote.*

And if the enormous blame and shame is not enough: in France the financial cartel's 'front man' and PM Nicholas Sarkozy bluntly lied to the representatives from nearly 90 donor countries and international organizations about 'an independent' Palestine.'


But, be assured: 'Tzarkozy' has known for as long as he vegetates that this is exactly what nobody of his group wants: never a Palestinian state! The zionist plan, as I have seen it during the ten years I worked and lived in the North African and Mideast area, is one of a rich and 'Great Israel', Eretz Israel. And there's NO Palestinian 'state' to be seen on that map:  http://tinyurl.com/2b42tt

The US/UK junta's UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, urged the non-existent so called 'international community' ''to fulfill the Palestinian needs and more''. But this US/UN 'Moony' was not with one syllable saying that the whole genocide and misery was Israel's fault, and of the usurpers group that finances them and other wars.

Meanwhile, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, who insists that he like Israel and its backers refuses to talk to the Palestinian islamic group Hamas, in Paris said that without the EU paying up ''Gaza is heading into disaster.'' Abbas again did not say who really is responsible for the slaughter in Palestine, the treacherous coward.


Well, let the liars look around and see reality: Gaza for instance, has by Israel been virtually cut off from the world since last June Hamas controls the territory. Israel, and the US's stooge Mubarak in Egypt, sharply restricted border access in response, and the blockade has further deepened the incredible misery there. The Palestinians keep dying, being murdered by Israel, and the - by the propaganda in the major media badly informed - EU tax payers are forced to pay the permanent Israeli holocaust of the Palestinians.

The Israeli atrocities have nothing in common anymore with humanity or logic: what they do is sick. That's why the major media have been lying for decades about this Israeli slaughter of the Palestinian people.

Israeli/Palestinian 'president' Abbas, at the conference in Paris: "Gaza is already close to catastrophe, and heads further into disaster without continued international aid." Everybody by now knows that Palestine, and in this case Gaza, have been a real and big catastrophe for many decades. And it is known that the US/UK junta, the EU managers, Israel - and other vile traitors like Abbas - are to blame for all ongoing massacres. The Paris conference for Palestine is an enormous shame for those who orchestrate the wars and invasions. But, seeing their actions, they clearly don't even know what 'shame' is. They apparently kill for power and profit, nothing else.

What they do is a global genocide.

And, whether you want it or not:

You're a victim too.


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The Netherlands


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