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Germany, Hamburg: riots after 3 000 cops try to stop anti-repression-march

Germany. Riost broke out after (how funny!) 3 000 robocops tried to stop an anti-repression march.
all cops are bastards
all cops are bastards
5 000 people marched against police repression when 3 000 riot cops tried to stop them.

Police was attacked, shops were looted and cars burned.

more information on:  http://www.germany.indymedia.org/2007/12/202692.shtml

pic 17.Dec.2007 04:35


the marchers in front of the rote flora, the biggest squat in hamburg

sorry, 17.Dec.2007 05:24


the first video I posted was from another demo. the second one is the right one

another video 18.Dec.2007 07:01


How funny? 21.Dec.2007 14:11


How Funny? Really - I'm sure the riots helped out the cause greatly and those greedy bastard capitalists whose family's depend on the money made by the businesses destroyed are surely laughing as well.