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AUDIO FILE: Portland Tea Party

Today, December 16, 2007, is the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, where American Colonists dumped tea into Boston Harbor to protest the passage of the Tea Act, "which allowed the East India Company to sell tea to the colonies directly and without 'payment of any customs or duties whatsoever' in Britain, instead paying the much lower American duty."

"This tax break allowed the East India Company to sell tea for half the old price and cheaper than the price of tea in England, enabling them to undercut the prices offered by the colonial merchants and smugglers." (Wikipedia) Not so different from today, when government gives wealthy Corporations the rights of living, breathing human beings and puts their profit margins above the interests of the People.

For this reason the tea was dumped into the harbor. And for these same reasons members of Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72, and other supporters of the Constitution, dumped bags of compost symbolizing tea over the side of the Hawthorne bridge soon after reading aloud the U.S. Constitution and a list of current grievances.

The reading took place at Salmon Spring fountain where the gathering had marched after singing rewritten Christmas carols to the Christmas shoppers at Pioneer Square. These Carols had been brought up to date to portray the situation in our Nation, the gradual loss of human and civil rights; the use and justification for torture against enemies, real and imagined; the "taxation for global domination."

The event began at Peace Memorial Park on the East side of the Steel Bridge, where the group burned copies of the USA PATRIOT Act, before boarding the Max train to Pioneer Square.

The day was not without adversity. When the gathering had taken the Max train from the Peace Memorial Park down to Pioneer Square, a rambunctious, or maybe ambitious, Tri Met official demanded that the Protesters stop Caroling on the Max train and also that we stop taping him.

And, at the Square three citizens were outraged by the signs alluding to Bush Administration complicity in the 911 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. These three actually claimed to be against the war, and no friends of the Bush Administration, but believed that these allegations went too far and somehow denigrated those who died there that September day.

Yet the protesters met with numerous honks of approval from passers by, as well as nods and vocalizations of agreement from pedestrians in the streets,at Pioneer Square and especially on the Hawthorne bridge.

After dumping the tea into the Willamette River, the crowd slowly dispersed.
This is an audio file of the highlights of the event, about 25 minutes in length. It includes testimony from a few of the attendees, some of the revamped Christmas Carols, the Tri Met officer, the three citizens protesting the protesters and the reading of the U.S. Constitution with current grievances.

Portland Tea Party, RealPlayer

Portland Tea Party, MP3

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SHAZAM! SARGENT CARTER!!! 17.Dec.2007 02:06

stop-the wopper-hopper

Undoubtedly, undeniably, YOU ROCK!!! 'Tis great to see some REAL patriotism goin' on for a change, as opposed to that sick-ass flag-waving drum beating facsimile thereof the neocons & their corporate/government media cram down our throats every day to sell more soap. Their brand SUCKS. It's absolutely ineffectual at washing away the blood of all the good innocent people & critters who've suffered so long, so painfully to support all these green-blooded money-grubbin' Bushbitches driving our nation into moral/fiscal bankruptcy, then into the ground. REAL courage. It's refreshing to see now & then. Out of a quagmire of lies, thievery, murder, hate, doubt and denial, you lift us up. May the spirit of the Old Forest lift you ever higher.

wigs and torries 17.Dec.2007 08:25

beautiful work!

this is exactly the type of creative resistance we need! thank you all for getting out, speaking your minds, making a statement and having fun! what a wonderful way to say "stop the corruption, end the war and end the dictatorship!" i am looking forward to seeing more creative resistance in pdx!

Video file covering "Tea Party" 17.Dec.2007 11:19

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Here is a 50 min Google Video from the "Impeachment - Tea Party"

Solidarity from San Francisco 21.Dec.2007 09:28

Jody Paulson

and Boston, DC, LA, Cincinnati, Portland, Milwaukee and even Freeport, Texas where Ron Paul tosses the Iraq War overboard [  link to www.youtube.com for more links.