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Just a note about things to come

Cascadians, We must be awaken

for Ecology, Equality and Equity
through Respect, Reverence and Responsibility
But let me write a sad warning. The Fascists are just about to hyper jump into something very serious against freedom of speech and our basic human rights. We have seen this Soda Pop Democracy willing to create laws much like the the laws that enabled Hitler to have absolute rule in Germany. Laws that even the Democrats issued in like the Military Commissions Act and the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. I would like to remind people that there is something called Security Culture and that for yourselves you should be at least aware of that. I am sure the "founding fathers" (and mothers) of the Independent Colonies would understand the balance of personal security and the need to be active. That actions may secure in the long time our basic rights and yet actions may also draw unwanted invasion on those rights during times of despotism. It is a hard choice and I understand all the needs, fears and often confusion that comes along with these sad times. Each is an individual with her/his own specific situation and I respect your individual choice in the upcoming days (or months or even years) on just what you will need to do or not do. All of you (even sadly those I have had petty arguements) are highly intellegent people with an uniqueness of our love for freedom, wilderness, forests and wildness. I will understand the path you as individuals choice to see that our basic rights and our commons preserved and prosper.

Always keep in mind localization, democratization (including the workplace, education and food/water), ecology with equality and the need to be inclusive in dialogue while not giving in to the loudest voice.

These are going to be hard times ahead. No one person can survive on her or his own and these problems that we are faced with can not be solved with bullets and a bunker, but can be overcomed with community, dialogue, cooperation, inclusiveness, empathy, maturity and education with appropriate actions.

We have at this time all the organizations we need to survive and prosper, but only lack the dialogue and cooperation between them. Through diversity of being we will generate numerous solutions and problems solving. That diversity is our communities, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, abilities, genetics, ideas, approaches and circumstance. Way too often our differences are used to "divide and conquer" and it is way passed time that we use our difference in being to create a better and more inclsive and empowering world.

We have long known that our comsumer civilization feeds off of greed and suffering of all. That this suffering is not limited to the forced laborer in a sweatshop or to a victim of one of the vassal states of the empire, but that we suffer in our own souls for the collective consumption of such suffering. That we lose our own sense of self and place as we gobble up the African resources that make our cell phones, eat the chocolates of forced labour in Central America, sniff the roses of child labour from South America, eat the fruit of threatened "illegal" workers and so forth. We are the products of alienating suburbia, of clear cuts behind the wall of tree along the highways, of a fascade two oligarchy party system, of the t-shirt that yells out the name of the corporation that sells our souls. Our cars promised us the dream of a closer society and has given us scattered families and mass pollution. Our internet chats and cell phones promised us greater communications and yet we are more alienated to the people physically in our presence. Our TVs promised we would see the world and yet we hide in our locked up homes not experiencing the world outside those doors. We have created a realistic virtual reality world while we kill the real world with our apathy and neglect.

If you wish to be free it merely starts with a friendly get together with your family and neighbors. Please in the coming times start to build community around you. Become locally aware and empower the local with dialogue and inclusiveness with Respect Reverence and Responsibility for Ecology, Equality and Equity.

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just a note of things to come 15.Dec.2007 09:59

phoebe crow phoebecrow@earthlink.net

Thank you Yeti man. You spoke from my heart....despair? Hope is elusive throughout these days. I seem to be reaching out in the wrong directions. I am feeling very alone in this vehicle which houses my spirit and soul. People must stop being electronically connected as they walk this earth. Isolation behind laptops in coffee shops or cell phone conversations walking down the street is stopping Consciousness. Connect with each other; Reach out; Self-centered selfishness is what is our downfall. The cause is multi-facited,and elequontly expressed in this sad warning. Take responsibility to be the Solution. Look Up Portland (with all three eyes)!

I couldn't agree more 15.Dec.2007 10:49

Jody Paulson

What an isolated, sick society this nation has become. For many months in the past few years I've been wandering town to town, homeless. One thing I've noticed -- there is simply no place to BE when you don't have money. It's as if society tells us that we have no fundamental right to exist in this universe. We have to pay very dearly -- in blood, sweat, or else our very souls -- for the privilege, granted by those to whom we have unthinkingly handed our power.

It doesn't have to be this way! We are a natural part of the Earth, and we have enough creativity and know-how to comfortably share this world with our fellow creatures, without all the tremendous pain.

But in order to get there, we have to experience a new birth (renaissance) and normally births are very painful. I don't think they nessasarily have to be, but there's no escaping this is a very critical time in our planet's evolution. The more we connect and share our awareness the smoother and safer transition this will be, for ALL concerned.

correction 17.Dec.2007 05:45

Ecotopian Yeti

in the triple triple dictum banner

responsibility is mispelt

hopefully here is a corrected version