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Press Release <video> Seriously Pissed Off Grannies & Grandpa

The truth comes out in the wash
"Not Guilty" is what the Jury says!
To bad all the money and time has to be wasted on prosecuting free speech that is ant-war and "pro peace" and over 55
The Grannies and Grandpa hold a press conference after the trial
Here is a 34 minute video of the "press release" filmed around 1:30 pm right after the trial in one of the lawyers office in downtown Portland.


The Five Seriously Pissed Off Grannies Go Down In The Records As "Innocent" Peacemakers

Even Corporate Media stops in to report on this victory, up in the law office on the 15th floor.
The SPOG members and their lawyers discuss the trial and some of the dirty moves that came into play as well as the seriousness of the Grannies mission and their sidewalk free speech inconvenience

The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies and Grandpa win their case, in spite of a fine that was attached by the judge (around 125$ each)
Decided by a jury of their peers on 12/13/07 in Portland Oregon, after a three day trial.
The charge of "unlawfully and intentionally causing substantial inconvenience to the United States" is considered "not guilty" on each of the peacemakers

Thanks For all those fighting for our liberties by challenging the powers that try to dominate
Thanks for all the courage and tenacity to take on these extra burdens to make this world more peaceful and loving, by your actions and example .... you provide hope and inspiration.

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