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Send a Message to Blumenauer

Earl is asking his constituents to suggest improvements to his website. This is your opportunity to speak truth to power, even if power already knows the truth.
Go here:  http://blumenauer.congressnewsletter.net/mail/util.cfm?gpiv=1999921771.56331.82&gen=1

Blumenauer's last question on this "website survey" asks "What else would you like to see on the website?"

My answer was "your resignation".

Please send your own message and post it here.

Why? 14.Dec.2007 16:25


earl does not care!

Tell him to give a shit about sea lions 14.Dec.2007 17:33

Sea lion

He does not care that they are going to start killing sea lions on the Columbia this spring unless we stop them. Make him care.

Message to Blumenauer 16.Dec.2007 19:57


There is a song in my heart, dying to come out: to the tune of " oh come all ye faithful"

Oh Earl Blumenauer, pandering to Nancy,
Oh stop ye and change ye your traiterous ways.
No more war-funding, comply with your pledge for peace!
Oh, no we don't adore you, but we will not ignore you,
and work to disappear you, in two o eight.

for the more ironically inclined:

Oh dear Blumenauer, you're our special heroe,
we worship ye for pissing on the Pledge of Peace.
We don't resent your approval of warfunding ( or selling out Peruvians, constituents, take your pick)
Oh no we won't explore it, continue to ignore it, we know you will adore it: your loss in 208