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Guelph, Ontario: Hanging Up on Bell Canada! Solidarity with Green Scare defendants

Repost from  http://www.anarchistnews.org/?q=node/2596

Dec 12, 2007
By the time you read this letter 2 vans belonging to your adored Bell Canada Enterprises have already been disabled. Their engines are nothing more than the smoking vestiges that our fires have left behind.
This action was done to show our direct solidarity with the individuals arrested and charged as a result of the ongoing "Green Scare". It was also done because every day is a good day to attack your tumor building-insect killing-repression supplying company.

Michael Sabia, you are the ceo of Bell. You are a member of the North American Competitiveness Council [NACC] and are therefore a part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership [SPP]. You are a sponsor of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in British Columbia. We suppose that you did not get your fill of colonizing Turtle Island with you past involvement in the Canadian National Railway [CN]. The services that you, your corporation, and others contributing to the SPP, provide us are the facilitation of trade across borders that are applied as the vice-grips of the Ruling Order. Vice-grips that squeeze the water, trees, wildlife, etc. out of our community; mash our repressive system into union with the rest of North America; create lists that impose the identity of "criminal", "illegal", "threat", etc. on people whose roles in society possess the least power and subsequently the least property: the ones in conflict with you and this society.
[One a day keeps the cops... busy?]

We continue to see these borders, and those who police them, used to criminalize and isolate people who refuse to submit to the terror of State Capitalism. Along with the Green Scare victims, John Graham has recently been extradited to the US, Leonard Peltier met the same fate, and natives across Turtle Island [Tyendinaga, Six Nations, etc.] have also been subjected to conditions created by the very repressive system that Bell, Linamar, Scotiabank, CN Rail, and
others reinforce through the policies they create [like the SPP] with State leaders throughout North America. These policies, which have no jurisdiction in the sovereign territories of these natives, are policed by an armed mafia of badge wearing extremists who see no injustice in their application of electrical, chemical, and lethal weapons that have injured and killed so many; but the weapons are not the problem.

As the water, forests, and general land base is stolen from us, so too is our freedom.
If we cannot live free in the world you are pushing on us, then we have no choice left but to burn it down. What difference does it make to be forced into a prison within a prison, or the prison you have covertly built around us? Michael, there is no separation between actions taken against the prison system and those that target this prison-like world.

How can we enjoy a world in which our time is stolen by a wage, and all we get in return is your shitty information technology that keeps us in this cage?
Do us all a favor and fire yourself like we fired your vans.

In solidarity with prisoners, those in conflict with Prison, and its world,

-Not "Green Scared."