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Tell Albertson's NO to rBGH!

Albertson's is the last major grocery chain in the NW still allowing the use of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone. Help Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering in making them
Tell Albertson's NO to rBGH!

I recently became aware that cows treated with the genetically engineered recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) experience higher rates of 16 harmful medical conditions, including pregnancy problems, diarrhea and mastitis, and that the use of rBGH may lead to antibiotic resistance and increased cancer rates in humans due to higher levels of the IGF1 hormone.

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and all 25 EU countries have banned its use due to animal safety and human health concerns. The United Nations main food safety body, the Codex Alimentarius has twice decided that it could not endorse the use of rBGH as safe for human health.

Many dairies and food retailers have discontinued their use of rBGH, including Starbucks, Dean Foods, Tillamook, Safeway and California Dairies Inc. due to the concerns expressed by their customers.

I urge you to be a leader on this issue and stop using rBGH. Thank you, and please inform me of your decision on this issue.

Click here:  link to www.nwrage.org to send this letter

or send an email directly to this address:  AlbertsonsCustomerCare@albertsons.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwrage.org

response 14.Dec.2007 18:22

Bess Toffer

I wrote to Albertson's and got this response:

Thank you for contacting Albertsons Customer Care. We received your email regarding the use of Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone in milk.

The health and safety of our customers is SUPERVALU's/Banner's number one priority. As we monitor this issue closely, we will look to the guidance given by the FDA as the lead governing agency on this matter.

SUPERVALU/Banner complies with all state and federal laws regarding food safety. We will continue to work with both industry and government entities to provide the freshest, healthiest dairy products possible to our customers.

Again, thank you for contacting Albertsons Customer Care. If we can provide any information or be of service to you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by calling 1-877-932-7948.


Judy P.
Albertsons Customer Care Representative

forgot this part 14.Dec.2007 18:51

Bess T

So I replied to Albertson's with this little note:

Do not trust the FDA for good information. The track record is not good. I would listen to what your customers want and not what the government tells you.

The real harm to cows is not from rBGH, 20.Dec.2007 20:38


it's from humans ripping away each and every calf from its mother on the day of or within a couple days of its birth on EVERY SINGLE commercial farm, whether organic, free range or not. This is so humans can steal the milk, instead of the calf, whom it was intended for, getting it. Most male calves are also shipped off to become veal. If you really want to be compassionate, stop drinking milk.