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Free Unconventional Action Paper Out at Last!!

Bundles are free and got all the up to date information on direct action at the RNC and DNC in '08!
As this is being typed, "Unconventional Strategies" is going to print. In the next week,
this eight-page, 1117, three-color newspaper will be available for free to any and all
individuals and groups doing outreach for the protests and direct action at next year's
Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

The paper was written, edited, compiled and designed with the help of the RNC Welcoming Committee, members of Recreate 68, members of several Unconventional Action groups, and many other individuals and groups across the country. It contains maps, strategy information, radical histories of Colorado and Minnesota, a pull-out poster, and tons of useful resources and contacts for folks organizing for next year's conventions. 15,000 are being printed; the UA group handling distribution is available to send bundles of papers to groups and individuals all over the country. They can be contacted at distro (at) unconventionalaction.org (Helping to cover the postage costs of your group's bundle would be great, but if you can't you can still order the papers.) Thousands will also be sent out with book packages from Microcosm, CrimethInc, and AK press.

Pdf. versions of the paper are available for viewing and printing at the website www.unconventionalaction.org , as well as a recently translated Spanish version of the "Only Direct Action Will Stop the War" poster. It may be that UA groups will want to publish a second paper in the Spring as well, so stay tuned for that.

On a final note in the anarchist newspaper world, several folks are beginning to talk
about publishing a daily paper during the days of each convention in '08. To find out
more about that, you can subscribe to the Unconventional Action listserv on riseup.net. To hear about strategy updates, share pertinent information pertaining to the conventions, download useful resources, or learn more about organizing against the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in 2008, visit www.unconventionalaction.org, as well as www.nornc.org, and www.recreate68.org.

Please help spread the word that FREE copies of this paper are available!

Over and out,

the sleepless wonders of UA Publishing Ward #132

homepage: homepage: http://www.UnconventionalAction.org