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Blocking the Strykers: 13 Days of war resistance at the Port of Olympia

The US military will have to think twice before it ever again tries to use Olympia, WA as a launching point for war.
War resisters in Olympia, are pepper sprayed as they block a Stryker convoy.
War resisters in Olympia, are pepper sprayed as they block a Stryker convoy.
For 13 unforgettable days in November, people in this small community engaged in a courageous and spirited campaign of resistance to the war in Iraq. Sixty-six arrests were made and untold numbers were assaulted by police during a campaign which made national and international news. Day after day, and night after night, people put their lives on hold and their bodies on the line to prevent movement of military equipment from the Port of Olympia to nearby Fort Lewis.

A call to action

Olympia's resistance to war has inspired peace activists throughout the US and the world. OlyPMR has issued a call for people everywhere to find the ways that their own communities participate in the war, and to join together to creatively resist that participation:

"We are ordinary people who have found a way to organize ourselves in resistance to this unjust war. We call on all people of goodwill to find their own methods of creative noncompliance. In so doing, we will be joining together to dissent from unlawful and unjust authority, which should be considered the essence of democracy. In this way we will act in the interests of the Iraqis, the soldiers, our children, and ourselves."

A local progressive newspaper in Olympia called Works In Progress has several articles about the November port protests, including a time-line overview of events with an amazing array of photos, as well as articles offering more in-depth analysis.

Visit www.olywip.org .



Deepest heartfelt thanks go out to all you protesters who spoke out for what i believe in and walked their talk by getting to/from the protests in a clean/green/fuel efficient manner. For those who came/went in a gas-guzzling way, save the world by lighting a molotov cocktail & shoving it up your ass. If there's one thing i hate worse than Bush and his endless illegal war, it's a hypocrite pseudo-activist. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. For those (few) who actually understand this, you got nothing but my love love love......

Moral purity 14.Dec.2007 13:38


To VIRTUAL GOD: You tell protesters who drive to shove molotov cocktails up their asses? What world are you living in? Every aspect of our post-industrial society depends on the consumption of fossil fuels. From the food we eat "even vegan food," to the electricity we use on a daily basis require fossil fuels and earth raping hydroelectric dams. Even the molotov cocktails you suggest using depends on fossil fuels. So unless you want to live in an escapist bubble, why don't you take your moral purity and shove it up you white privileged ass.

Solidarity to all those who participated in the port resistance, whether you drive or not.