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AUDIO FILE: Liquefied Natural Gas Protest in Portland.

Today, December 12, 2007, 200 people gathered at the offices of Northwest Natural Gas in downtown Portland Oregon to protest Liquefied Natural gas facilities proposed for the Columbia River Estuary by Energy speculators from Texas, New York and California.
The turn out was huge and the gathering was high spirited and well informed. Many were from the areas of Oregon which would be affected by the LNG facilities or the pipelines which would funnel the gas down to energy consumers in California. Farmers from Mollala and Gayles Creek, full time fishing guides, commercial fisherman, were just a few of the people who turned out to insist that this project be abandoned and to demand that Oregon Governor Kulongowski weigh in against this project.

This is a 20 minute audio file of the speakers from the days event. The Protest was moderated by Brent Foster, director of Columbia Riverkeeper who introduced a number of speakers. These weren't activists or staff from conservation organizations, but every day working Oregonians, giving their perspective on the dire consequences of locating this facility in the Columbia river estuary.

Speakers were:
Susan Hansen, a farmer from Molala, where I believe the spur pipeline from the Oregon coast to California is going to pass through. She is with the groups, Northwest Property Rights Coalition and Citizens Against LNG

Bob Reese, a full time Fishing Guide.

John Platt, speaking for Columbia River Intertribal fish Commission.
Greg Jacob, representing the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Jack, a 3rd generation commercial fisherman on the Columbia River.

Monica, from Cascadia Rising Tide

Susan Fosberg, a forester from Gayles Creek.

And last, a farmer, who didn't give his name, and his wife Nancy.

All spoke eloquently and passionately about how this facility and piple line would adversely affect their quality of life and that of Oregonians in general. From the destruction of family farms, to the destruction of the salmon to the enormous burden put upon Oregonians to construct an infrastructure based on unsustainable fossil fuels, everyone was here today to say that this is a bad idea. It is not a half step towards a sustainable energy future, as some would have us believe.

LNG Protest, RealPlayer

LNG Protest, MP3

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wonderful turnout 12.Dec.2007 23:29

no LNG!

That rally was absolutely wonderful today! What a great turnout -- 280 by my count! It was absolutely inspiring to see hundreds of Oregonians gathering in downtown Portland to send a message to NW Natural, local media, nearby workers, Oregon LNG, Palomar, Northern Star and the governor that we will not take this abuse quietly! Thank you to everyone who traveled long distance, brought along equipment, invited friends and helped organize this event! What a great success!

building the momentum 13.Dec.2007 20:37

o d e n

So, despite getting ignored by County Commissions in Coos and Clatsop Counties, Oregonians are still pulling together on LNG and these new gas pipelines. It was incredibly heartening to see so many people of so many different backgrounds agree on something.

Loggers and huggers, farmers and fishermen - it was good to see them all there to raise hell and give the guv a piece of their minds. Still, there is an enormous task ahead: to force the State of Oregon to stop these projects, and to use these horrible proposals as impetus to change corrupt local politics and move towards drastic energy conservation.

It's a "teaching moment", and I learned a lot from the farmers and rural folks I spoke to yesterday.

Sadly, Clatsop County chose not to listen to, well...anyone. They approved the Bradwood LNG facility today, despite County Staff, County legal counsel, State comments, and public comments all recommending against approval. It was a herculean task of willful ignorance. The Commissioners mumbled and bumbled their way into a decision that completely contradicted expert advice and public sentiment.

Now is the time to INCREASE the pressure on Gov. Ted K and the relevant state agencies. They can say no and stop the madness - both on the Columbia River and Coos Bay. If you live in Clatsop County - get involved and RECALL those assholes who sold Clatsop County to NorthernStar today.

It's heartening to see Columbia River folks and Coos Bay people banding together. There will be joint events happening soon, organized by all the LNG-affected communities. Check in here and the LNG people will keep you all up to date. The Coos Bay crew has a fierce and mobilized opposition group. They are persuasive and growing...

So, thanks to all who came out and taught me about what's really going on with LNG.

Gov. Ted Kulongoski
Office of the Governor
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 378-4582

Clatsop County Board of Commissioners ok'd LNG 13.Dec.2007 20:39


Today, the commissioners voted 4 to 1 to allow NorttherStar Natural Gas' variance requests.

So now all the hurdles have been jumped. The supply is iffy, but the powers-that-be can go ahead and build these things and get us taxpayers to pay for them and the required "security". So long, beuatiful Oregon North Coast!

Thanks, commissioners--our elected representatives!

Fight Continues 14.Dec.2007 10:40


The LNG fight is by no means over. The Clatsop County decision is terrible, but NorthernStar was going to bypass this process until local activists and others forced them to file an application with the County. It has greatly increased the visibility of the issue. While it was a defeat, NorthernStar was exposed in many respects during the process:
1. They lied openly about their eminent domain threats, and were caught doing so.
2. They lied about all of its gas going to the Northwest. It's now obvious that most will go to California.
3. They lied about not knowing anything about the Palomar pipeline. At the time they pleaded ignorance, they had already negotiated an agreement to use the Palomar pipeline in the future.

The Clatsop County Commissioners (or at least 4 of them) are out of touch with reality and the people around them.

Bradwood won't be built - this is just one permit in dozens that they have to get.