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1212 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Wednesday, December 12th, 2007.
1212 am 'Get This' news
1212 am 'Get This' news
1222/122/07 Get This
sui generis

1. Oregon's highway 30 made the headlines worldwide last night when a mudslide festooned a 200 yard stretch of road with a mobile (Very mobile) home, assorted stumps (They don' lie) and six feet of mud. No one was injured. But the incident sends a message and the message is too much logging and too much development will get you on the news worldwide.
2. Dept of 'Splainin': When Ron Wyden votes, the world listens. Wyden is touting his bio-fueled fervor, his deep green, his enviro-mentality. But Ron, Ron, Ron... We have yet to hear why you voted 'Yes' on H.R. 1955, the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorist Prevention Act of 2007." This is the worst piece of legislation since the Patriot Act - worse than the PatAct. What it means is that anyone who breaths the merest whisper of discontent with the administration can be swept up and 'disappeared' to some dungeon we-know-not-where. Anyone? Yes. This Means You. This is the tip of the Thought Crime iceberg. Think of yourself as the Titanic. Call Ron and ask him why he voted for this monster and why he himself has said nothing about his reasons for doing so. 202-224-5244 or wyden.senate.gov.
3. US District Judge James Redden - more of a man than Wyden will ever be - At least Redden has the vision to see the far-reaching effects of his decisions and the acuity to understand their effect on the citizenry - but I digress. Redden said the federal effort to restore Northwest salmon falls so far short may be worse than some of the plans he has already rejected. The subtext here, of course is the Governor's fervid embrace of LNG terminals in Oregon waters. (www.oregonwaters.org is the place to go for more info.)
4. Washington's shellfish are going to be better protected next year than last. It really couldn't be much worse for Puget Sound mollusks. (My solution? Clams with guns!)
5. My Little Crack House: Full-day, parent paid kindergarten turns out to be illegal in Oregon to the dismay of parents who need a place to stash the kids while they work and want their hard-earned money back. (You see the unintentional irony here?)
6. Not Home On The Range: The tiny little town of Potrero, California in San Diego County - so far south residents can here music from the bars in Tecate across the border - kicked Blackwater's evil arse. Yes, last night residents voted to recall all five members of the planning board that endorsed the Big Merc's proposed firing range in their community.
7. "Never Get Off The Bus": Six children were shot and wounded getting off a school bus in Las Vegas.
8. CIA Director Michael Hayden is being dragged kicking and screaming obscenities ("waterboard") back to the pointy little top of Capitol Hill today to answer questions from a House Committee about how those torture videotapes got destroyed. (Love that excuse! "Because if we kept them, it might have compromised the identity of the CIA interrogators... ." Valerie Plame, notwithstanding... ..No problem "compromising her identity... )
9. Attorney General Michael Mukasey discovers that the mere fact of becoming AG does not necessarily provide revelations as to the nature of torture.
10. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in a rare on-the-record opinion ruled that it does not need to release its documents regarding the Bush administrations warrantless wiretapping program. The reason? Can't release them because they are secret and as the pro forma agent of the American people who are the de facto owners of said documents they are looking out for our best interests... .Get it? It's for our own good!
11. A federal appeals court ruled that "some portions of the USA Patriot Act" are unconstitutional - you guess which ones!
12. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby is going to have to wait until next year for his presidential holiday pardon.
13. Lott's of Condos: New Orleans is ginned up for the Crime of the Year: The demolition of perfectly good low income public housing to make way for Trent Lott's new condo.
14. The California Nurses Association shot a flurry of ads Iowards. The ads say that if it wasn't for single-payer government run healthcare (Translation: No insurance company provided the customary mangy, half-assed care.) Dick Cheney would no longer Be Of This World. The VP's office was not amused.
15. Senate Dems have swaddled themselves in the energy bill. It amounts to billions of dollars in oil industry taxes but neglects to push renewable sources.
16. Not Allowed: Hundreds of thousands of holiday cards and letters thanking wounded American troops for their sacrifice and wishing them well will never reach their destination. If you wrote a card to 'Any Wounded Soldier,' it will not be delivered. (No can do. Has to be a specific 'wounded soldier.'
17. The Israelis shot and killed six Palestinian fighters. (Which, you see, is Okay, because Israel is a client state of the US and therefore has an army. The Palestinians on the other hand, don't even have the use of their own land and their own homes, so when they defend themselves, that's terrorism. This is the major benefit for any rogue state of being America's client.
18. Huge blasts rocked Algiers today. The Battle of comes home to roost, baby. The US has taught the whole world how to channel hopelessness.
19. Today's the Day: Russia said it was pulling out of the conventional weapons treaty and so it has. (Ah well, we still have the unconventional ones between us... )
20. Cuba is signing on to a couple of UN human rights treaties.
21. Muammar 'Daffy' Gaddafi says human rights in Libya are all right.
22. And there was a tremendous explosion in Lebanon that took out one of that nation's top generals.