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Johnson Creek Floodplain discussion

The East Lents Floodplain Restoration will be discussed in a meeting hosted by the Bureau of Enivironmental Services and the Lents Neighborhood Association Janurary 22 at the LNA meeting.
Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES)and Lents Neighborhood Association (LNA) invite you to a community open house about the East Lents Floodplain Restoration Project: January 22nd 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. Lents Seventh Day Adventist Church 8835 SE Woodstock Blvd The Lents Neighborhood Association General Meeting will begin at its regular time immediately after the open house. The East Lents Floodplain Restoration Project will reduce flood damage in Lents by adding flood storage and habitat on BES property south of Foster Road from about 106th Avenue to 110th Drive. The project is in its early design phase; construction is scheduled for summer 2010. More information about the open house will be sent in early January. Marie Johnson Johnson Creek Watershed Team Bureau of Environmental Services 1120 SW Fourth Avenue, Suite 1000 Portland OR 97204-1912 503/823-6199 Marie.Johnson@bes.ci.portland.or.us We Need You We need your criticism, ideas, support, and energy. In exchange we offer a sense of connection, a sense of place, and a real community. Neighborhood Associations in Portland are all- volunteer and depend on public involvement. For healthy public involvement, good will and an open process are crucial so all can see and reflect on how decisions were made. Some people become involved in Neighborhood Associations because they have a specific complaint and want it addressed by a government agency. Some want a stop sign or speed bump installed on their street. Some people volunteer because they have deep and personal community values, and though they might disagree with some decisions made, they believe in the rewards of a healthier community. That's why I'm involved with the Lents Neighborhood Association and encourage others to get involved, too. But if Neighborhood Associations don't interest you, plenty of other organizations need and welcome your experience, energy, and compassion. Currently, the Lents Neighborhood Association is planning a community involvement fair to take place in Lents Park this summer, along with Movies in the Park. Come meet Representatives from the city, county, and a variety of nonprofits who'll be there to answer your questions about their services, their public involvement, and how you might volunteer. We'll also have fun stuff like face painting, rock wall climbing, live music, and other activities. If planning, organizing or volunteering for activities like this is your cup of tea contact Jess Laventall (j.laventall(at)gmail.com) or Dan Newth, (promandan(at)hotmail.com).

homepage: homepage: http://www.urbanfauna.org/files/Lents_Project_Final_Submittal_June.pdf