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Fire to the Prisons #2 Out Now!

announcement for new issue of anti-prison/domination quarterly, includes website to download the project from
The second issue of fire to the prisons is out now. Fire to the Prisons is an insurrectionary anarchist quarterly focusing on anti-prison and prisoner support updates and issues, it also includes inspiring conversation about anarchist resistance to the current world order. The link to the site to download the pdf is included at the end of this bulletin, if you have any problems downloading, feel free to contact us directly with your email, and well send it to you directly. Our email is, guerillaheart@yahoo.com. PLEASE feel free to print and distribute this zine to your full capability, or forward the file to someone who will. If you'd like, please respond with a confirmation that you will be furthering distribution for the zine, its good to know where it gets around. The zine is intended to be free, but if you sell it, we ask that all profits go to benefit the legal fees or well being of radical political prisoners. This is a longing for collapse press project. Also, if printing resources are slim, we could send bulk copies were only asking for postage to be paid for. Visit our site and blog at: myspace.com/alongingforcollapsepress all profits from this project go to the benefit of misc. political prisoners and support project. in solidarity lfcp site with pdf download: http://www.mediafire.com/?4v711uxjwm0


homepage: homepage: http://www.myspace.com/alongingforcollapsepress