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Who needs a house?

I'm in failing health, and own my house outright. Who wants it?
I'm not going to give it to a person, but I'd like to know of an organized group that can keep up on the property taxes and utilities and use it for the greater good, possibly even let my tomcat continue to live in it. It is near 20th and Hawthrone on a quiet side street. I'm especially intrested in anti-war, environmental, and animal rights causes. Stability in the group is very important to me, I don't want a group that will fold and let the house forclose on property tax payments. I'm very new to this site and just found it, its my understanding people can post replies to me here. Please just list a website of a group that you think might be intrested and I will contact one.

interesting 12.Dec.2007 09:46


portland indymedia

reply 12.Dec.2007 09:53

indy geek

hmmm... yea, Portland Indymedia could make good use of it and of course the tom could live there. It is his house afterall. :-)


thank you 12.Dec.2007 10:21

former neighbor

I used to live next to you and YOU ROCK and you sing well too. I'm sorry to hear you're sick, but if you're passing then may calmness, solidarity and power follow you to the Bardo and beyond.

"Solidarity forever"

I'll take a look 12.Dec.2007 10:50

Alex Ansary alex_ansary@hotmail.com

I host a local television program locally and a new place would help. Living with likeminded people is something Im trying to find but it is very hard! This upcoming year, I'd like to start gardening, and getting a bulk whole food supply going on. I also host a disaster preparedness meeting every Sunday as well at laughing horse books. In the next few years, people will be better off if that take the right percautions now.

house 12.Dec.2007 11:14

Of Dreams

They may be interested and the cat could certainly live there because they are a cat shelter.
A link:  http://www.kittydreams.org/

Either way, I certainly hope you find a group that will use it for good and not greed.
You truly are a unique person!

another idea 12.Dec.2007 11:50

bess toffer

There have been some good suggestions and you will no doubt get more. What a wonderful giving thing for you to do. I know that there are many deserving organizations that would put your gift to good use for many years. I do think that Indymedia is a good organization because they help the rest of us organize and find ways to improve our community and our world. Since they have already been put on your list, may I also offer this link  http://www.sistersoftheroad.org/

These folks help people who are in need and they are very strong in their support of PEACE.

Worthy non-profit 12.Dec.2007 13:21


Community Alliance of Tenants could use you house. CAT is a renters rights organization that operates a renters' rights hotline, organizes tenants that are in slum buildings to get repairs made and also works on policy issues, such as, successfully organizing a campaign for the city of Gresham to adopt building codes. Now renters can call a building inspector to check out problems. Here's a website www.oregoncat.org

Returning Iraq Veterans Home [suggestion] 12.Dec.2007 14:18

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Portland PDXpeace MRR (military response & recovery) is starting up a "Sanctuary City Campaign"
<video>  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5071641719565290149
The thoughts were raised at a recent meeting, about Iraq War Veterans and the need to help returning vets, possible with a: house for homeless vets/coffee house/sanctuary/etc

Many returning Vets are homeless (And not to mention Vets from other wars as well)
And many many more will be returning to our city "in need" as well

I am just throwing the idea into the mix

(there is much <still> to do to organize this project of assisting veterans with a place here in Portland)

If seriously interested, contact me and I can put you in touch with some of the coordinators who are in the mix of trying to put something together in regards to the Sanctuary City / and returning Vets MRR assistance idea that is growing

"In Defense of Animals" could use a 12.Dec.2007 14:29


permanent office space. 503-249-9996  connie@idausa.org

More on "In Defense of Animals:" 12.Dec.2007 14:31


they are a group based in California with a very active permanent office here

collective housing 12.Dec.2007 15:04


you may consider portland collective housing. it is a non-profit dedicated to affordable housing.

it is an organization with 2 houses now and looking to expand to 4 houses in the next year or so.

the website is a bit out of date but the group is alive and well.



Eco-Village and activist space 12.Dec.2007 15:13


Currently I am part of a group of collectives that are looking to start a communal house and activists space. We currently have roughly 15-20k.

We are Spaz Collective, Root Force Portland, Food not Bombs, Outer Southeast Food not Lawns and gleaners, Dropout Bike Club, and what is left of the IzVillage Collective.


Actually all these groups need places 12.Dec.2007 18:10

Brian tomclub@gmail.com

I think it would be great if a few of these groups formed a place that they and others could use. Something like the old infoshop on Clinton. I think the City Repair would be another good group to share the space.

Guess my point it would be great to see a space happen that was multi-use. There are quite a few groups that are all great that could use the space. Though I do see a need for existing groups in the area to be included. Damn anybody remember like 4 years ago and Division vision. we need to start reclaim space for centers for community and not capitalism.

IDA 12.Dec.2007 18:11


In Defense of Animals is a good organization and they could definitely use some more space.

Thank You 12.Dec.2007 18:21

T tredmond@pdx.edu

A letter born from inspiration: From you, to me, to...

We are a vegan family in NE Portland: myself, my partner, two little girls, a third child on the way, and three cats. I am finishing a B.S. in philosophy at PSU and hopefully beginning the environmental/animal law program at Lewis and Clark in the fall. From there we plan to open a non-profit vegan café that creates revenue/incentive for current and future vegan/vegan-friendly businesses in Portland. Thus, we hope to make a difference within the confines of capitalism and our legal system via a philosophical doctrine that both grounds and transcends this methodology.

As opposed to a dogmatic appeal to elitism, such as what would follow given certain assumptions about human nature, God, etc., we advocate a philosophy of compassionate veganism: an honest understanding of our limits, given the nature of existence itself, and thus, the possibility of transcending, at least in some positive fashion, these limits. The outcome is a return to the fundamentals: basic rights for living, feeling beings, independent of politics, religion, race, species, or empirical criteria. Hence, truly universal compassion. We are not, at this point, concerned with specifics. We simply refuse to accept anything less than a framework for living that doesn't at least recognize and thus, strive toward being founded on, this fundamental criterion. Let us first achieve the starting point; from there we can move toward the specifics.

As for myself, since as early as 8 years old, I have tried to exist within this starting point, within the context of existence/non-existence. I believe the existence/non-existence dichotomy is where truth lies and is what grounds the essence of existence, insofar as existence without the backdrop of eventual non-existence, ceases to be existence as we understand it. Of course, for me at least, this point is polarized, equally the point of despair and hope, suffering and love, death and life. Given this ambiguity, the human desire is to explain it away, via Godly deliverance, or at least soften its blow, via systematized murder that works to numb our individual relationship toward death. The other option is to understand this point, understand ourselves within existence, and within this understanding, move in a positive direction. As Simone de Beauvoir puts is: "It is in the knowledge of the genuine conditions of our life that we must draw our strength to live and our reason for acting."

As implied, this is not easy and is essentially the task of life. Fortunately, we have the ability to influence each other. This is where you enter the picture. Your generosity transcends your act, for it represents what I take to be the model for life: strength, compassion, positivity, and a helping hand. The fact that someone may get a house is not as important as the fact that you are giving a house. That said, I am sure the recipient of your generosity will fully accept its transcendent nature. After all, we cannot expect to positively influence others if we fail to let ourselves be positively influenced. And from this honest understanding and appreciation, I know your inspiration will continue to manifest and inspire, not artificially through a contrived sense of obligation or duty but through a genuine appreciation of what you represent.

The house is not an end, to which we can only relate to backwards as a loving memory, but a beginning, as we jointly move toward that which it symbolizes and that which we can all become. With this understanding, whatever group gets your house will have no option but to move toward love and compassion. And for those of us who stumbled across this thread, we too will find it easier to move toward that end. Thank you for helping with this creation and thank you for your inspiration.

Peace and Love

You should get a lawyer 12.Dec.2007 21:05


to support your idea forever requires a good estate planner to maintain the foundation plan...All groups may play a roll supporting your ideals. Perhaps an office for each per room.

Best wishes and a great idea to workout.

thank you! 12.Dec.2007 22:57

for your kindness,

and your generosity. <3

Nonprofits don't pay property taxes 13.Dec.2007 12:36


If you donate it to a nonprofit (one that has been legitimized by incorporating as a 501-c-3 or related category, they would be exempt from property tax and less likely to face foreclosure. Their board of directors or trustees would have certain responsibilities to protect the interest of the organization.

Awareness of the property's zoning is another important consideration. It's almost impossible to run an office out of a residential zone, unless the office workers live on-site. If it's in a residential zone, you may need to use it for housing, and there are multiple organizations that provide housing to individuals and families with a variety of needs. What's your passion? People with disabilities? Poor families? Domestic violence survivors? Homeless?

knowitall, 14.Dec.2007 13:12


please readitall, she already said her passions. Animal rights, environmentalism, anti-war.

"i am not going to give it to a person" 17.Dec.2007 06:36

sorry alex

you are not an organized group!