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Omaha teenager kills 8: on antidepressants

The dependency of the U.S. psychriatric establishment on pharma products as sole treatment for emotionally disturbed people could increase violent acts into the future. This latest random shooting fits the pattern of emotionally disturbed people on pharma psych meds becoming suicidal and violent.
Before this side of the story disappears down the memory hole 'breaking story has a teenage killer killing 8 in Omaha Nebraska. He was on antidepressants...likely SSRIs'

Before this side of the story disappears down the memory hole
'breaking story has a teenage killer killing 8 in Omaha Nebraska. He was on antidepressants...likely SSRIs'

'Five others were said to be wounded, two critically.

The shooter at Westroads Mall was identified by the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office as Robert Hawkins, of Bellevue, Neb., TV station KETV reported.

Hawkins had been arrested on at least two misdemeanors in November and was due in court this month.

Sarpy deputies said they were getting a warrant to search Hawkins' home.

Shortly after the shooting, Hawkins' mother walked into its office with a note that "could be interpreted as suicidal," the sheriff's office said.

KETV reported that the note left with the Sarpy sheriff's office said Hawkins wanted to "go out in style."

It also reportedly said Hawkins was "going to go out and be famous."

Yost said Sarpy County is working with Omaha police.

A friend of Hawkins told KETV that Hawkins had been on antidepressants, staying with friends and bouncing from job to job.'

pharma profits from emotional disturbed people

by STOP overprescribing PHARMA!!

Not only the religion of Scientology is questioning the effectiveness of psychiatric antidepressent medications in treating mental health disorders. There have been several incidents showing a pattern of tendencies towards suicidal violence coming from people taking pharmaceutical medications, especially Prozac..

Several of the other teen shooters have also been taking pharmaceutical psych medications for various emotional disturbances..

Psychiatric and pharmaceutical corporations function as an industry, making profits from overprescribing pharmaceutical medications for emotionally disturbed people..

Let's not forget who profits from the "national depression screening" as proposed by the GW bush regime years ago..

"Prozac is the antidepressant made by Eli Lilly. It is the most profitable drug in history. The side effects of Prozac include that it makes people violent. Many of the most sensational killing sprees have been committed by drug-crazed people who were made that way by Prozac. Click here for a page with many links to material about Prozac. You can even read about how Lilly knew that Prozac would cause the side effect of violence, but hid that truth.

Withdrawal from Prozac is harder than withdrawing from heroin! The withdrawal symptoms include trembling and tendencies to either suicide or violence to others.

Here is what Eli Lilly admits to in its official explanation of Prozac side effects:

Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors--There have been reports of serious, sometimes fatal, reactions (including hyperthermia, rigidity, myoclonus, with possible rapid fluctuations of vital signs, and mental status changes that include extreme agitation progressing to delirium and coma) in patients receiving fluoxetine in combination with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), and in patients who have recently discontinued fluoxetine and are then started on an MAOI. Some cases presented with features resembling neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Therefore, Prozac should not be used in combination with an MAOI, or within a minimum of 14 days of discontinuing therapy with an MAOI. Since fluoxetine and its major metabolite have very long elimination half-lives, at least 5 weeks (perhaps longer, especially if fluoxetine has been prescribed chronically and/or at higher doses (See Accumulation and Slow Elimination Under ACTIONS/CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY)) should be allowed after stopping Prozac before starting an MAOI.

Prozac side effects include murder! Prozac withdrawal symptoms include a desire to commit violence. Eli Lilly Prozac is soon to be replaced the same drug with a different name. Prozac antidepressant winds up CAUSING depression."

article found @;

These are tough times to cope with emotionally, and certain people may be more vulnerable to the everyday cruelties of living under modern capitalism in the U.S. than others. This is not an excuse to apply the "band-aid" approach of covering up symptoms of depression with pharmaceutical psych meds. The causes for human emotional disturbance are many, and we need to treat each cause at the source, not just use psych meds to stifle the symptoms..

Then there's the nutritional effects of refined sugar/flour/high fructose corn syrup/etc.., family support and expectation, peer antagonisms, dead end jobs, etc..

Even if we cannot solve the problems at their source, we could begin prescribing people something less dangerous than pharma psych meds. The traditional medicinal values of smoked cannabis is less likely to result in violent outbursts..

"Suicidal thoughts or impulses should always be taken seriously. The "truism" that suicidal patients won't disclose their suicidal thoughts and that those who do are simply seeking attention is absolutely false. Seriously depressed patients may lack the "energy" for suicide, which is why the initial treatment and lifting of depression can be a particularly hazardous time. Patients who have a "plan" and the means to suicide are most likely to actually attempt harming themselves. One in every eight patients hospitalized for depression actually commits suicide.

Numerous patients report significant improvement and stabilization with their bipolar disorder when they utilize adjunctive therapy with medical cannabis. While some mental health professionals worry about the impact of cannabis on aggravating manic states, most bipolar patients trying cannabis find they "cycle" less often and find significant improvement in overall mood. Bipolar disorders vary tremendously in the time spent in the depressive versus manic states. Those who experience extended depressive episodes are more likely to be helped with cannabis.

Patients who use cannabis to "relax" may be treating the anxiousness sometimes associated with depression. Cannabis aids the insomnia sometimes present in depression and can improve appetite. Better pain control with cannabis can reduce chronic pain related depression. While cannabis cannot yet be considered a primary treatment of major depression it may improve mood when used under physicians supervision and in combination with therapy and/or SSRI's."

article found @;

However, our beloved U.S. government has ruled cannabis as illegal, and instead overprescribe the for-profit pharma products in place of this ancient plant's medicine..

If we cannot overcome our dependency on quick fix pharma products and don't begin treating people as something other than a commodity for capitalism, this pattern will repeat itself indefinitely..

We can expect more shootings in the future if this pattern of overpresribing pharma psych products to our nations youth continues. Either start treating people like human beings or become a random walking target..

Once again, there's the ugly truth looking the people of the U.S. in the face..

Rx 06.Dec.2007 22:34


I totally agree with what you've written, but must mention that, in my opinion, there are other contributing factors that spur people on to do shootings like this one. He must have had a history of "depression," which is assigns a pathology to an actually healthy response to the stresses we face in the current system. This non-culture drives us bonkers, then big pharma companies come in and medicate us and make bunches of money.

Depression is only one problem. The threads of healthy living have been unraveled. The kid was in a mall, representative of the mainstream conspicuous consumerism model. He "bounced" from job to job, so he was having financial troubles. Again attributable to the capitalist system. He also had access to a really big gun.

The problem goes beyond people being medicated with antidepressants.

Suggested reading 07.Dec.2007 18:06


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- all above by Peter Breggin

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and last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, lest anyone think psychotherapy is a panacea:

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