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Video File: Democratic Party Protests Gordon Smith

Today, December 05, 2007, members and supporters of the Democratic Party of Oregon gathered outside the offices of Sen. Gordon Smith in downtown Portland to protest and hold him accountable for his Iraq War record.
Though much of what was said was obscured due to construction noise, the DPO Chairwoman Meridith Wood presented the gathering with the reasons for the protest. Also speaking was Maria Medina of Oregon Action

Go to Stop Gordon Smith for Smith's voting record and details of this campaign.

Also included in the 3 minute video is a brief interview with another member of the Party, who wanted to be there to insure that there was at least one young face in the gathering.

Oregon Democratic Party Protests Gordon Smith

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Nice pics Jim, but.... 06.Dec.2007 15:04


The Democratic protesting Gordon Smith's support of the war is analogous to Bonnie and Clyde protesting bank robbery.

Hey Steve 06.Dec.2007 16:12

Jim jglockhart@comcast.net

Because I cover an event doesn't mean I'm totally in harmony with their platform.

First, this is an event worth covering, the growing momentum of voters seeking to expel a blue blood hypocrite.

And second, I seriously doubt that there were many Bonnie and Clyde's at the protest.
Meaning, I think that the majority of those in the Democratic Party probably feel much the same as you and I about Democratic failure to stand up to Bush about the war, NSA wiretaping, torture, etc. etc.
We could certainly get into a discussion about their complacency, apathy, or even their gullibility, but I think at heart most Democrats, and probably most Republicans as well, abhor the deaths of U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

Maybe I'm being overly generous and optimistic about human nature, but that's my opinion anyway.

An analogy is the Media, touted by the Right Wing as being the "Left Media." We know that the media is controlled by a Right Wing, Conservative, Capitalistic agenda. No one in their correct mind could deny that. This includes, of course, our old friends, Limbaugh, O'Riley and Hanity.

But, those who are out in the trenches, the writers, the reporters, the camera operators quite often have a different opinion about the content they tape, write and submit for telecasting and/or publication. Again, we could get into a discussion as to their apathy and complacency, even the extent of their complicity due to an acceptance of their powerlessness, but are they Conservative, do they hold similar opinions as their money drenched bosses? I think not.

What do you think? In your opinion, would many of those who were present at this protest allow the war to go on for one more day, if it was their call? Would they permit this asinine and immoral vacillating about torture, wiretaping American citizens and wastrel spending?

Perhaps they, as all of us to some degree, are most guilty of a kind of herd mentality, which provides cover and momentum for those who would rule without honor, for those who would pretend to serve but only service themselves and their cronies.

Anyway, thanks for the comment, as usual.

Hey Jim! 06.Dec.2007 16:39


For the record, I know you well enough to know that you are not a supporter of the Democratic party.
Nor did I mean to imply that this protest should not be covered.

I just thought that it was kinda funny that people who align themselves with the Democratic party are protesting a Republican because of his support of the war. If anything, they should be protesting against the leadership of their own party instead of pretending that this war is along partisan lines.

Democrat hypocracy 06.Dec.2007 18:52

Iris No Dem

I agree with Steve. Jim writes: "think that the majority of those in the Democratic Party probably feel much the same as you and I about Democratic failure to stand up to Bush about the war, NSA wiretaping, torture, etc. etc " I don't know about that, but I do know what most if not all of those democrats are NOT doing: THEY ARE PATHETICALLY ABSENT ON THURSDAY MORNINGS FROM NOON TO 2 PM IN FRONT OF THEIR REPRESENTATIVE BLUMENAUER'S OFFICE, where a dedicated group of a dozen folks have been protesting for months, to draw attention to Blumenauer's anti-impeachment stance, and to the fact that he signed the Declaration of Peace for 2 years in a row now, promising he will no longer approve war-funding. Then, 2 months later, both times, he went ahead and signed on to war-funding bills, to allow millions more $s for waging an immoral and illegal war! There are Bonnie and Clyde, and there are the Dems, who try to draw attention to the splinter in Smith's eye, while they are blind to the tree in their own. WAKE UP!!

how about this... 06.Dec.2007 21:02


we completely ignore ALL the workings of the two parties and their politicians, since we have nothing in common with them, and work to organize ourselves into a giant, working-class independent force?

we don't need to protest them because they do not listen to us anyways. We need to organize around our collective power and oust them.

the slave owners listened intently to the grievances of their slaves, and promised all kinds of reforms...