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Hearts for Makwan, hearts for a world without homophobie

The Iranian executioners have killed Makwan. Makwan lives on in us.
The Iranian executioners have killed Makwan (see: www.everyonegroup.com). Makwan lives on in us. Emails, postcards and letters from all over the world and from people of all ages are continuing to reach the Teheran authorities pleading for clemency for a gay boy whose only sin was that of loving a peer when he was only 13 years old. But the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Head of the Judiciary and the other authorities have totally ignored all our requests, all our entreaties and carried out the most ruthless cruelty in the name of a bloodthirsty God, who is certainly not the God of love that true Muslims worship, but a product of hatred, discrimination and prejudice.

But the Hearts Campaign does not end here. Hundreds of people have taken up pens, crayons and computers, drawn lots of hearts and sent them off with messages such as: "We love Makwan", "Makwan is innocent", "Pardon Makwan". Instead the executioners broke Makwan's body and took his breath away for ever. But Makwan is now a symbol and symbols cannot die. Makwan's name will now echo throughout the corners of the world calling out for justice; his symbol will be more powerful than hatred, much greater than death. We wish to create a gallery in the young martyr's memory, a young man killed by homophobia. We ask you all to send in drawings of hearts dedicated to Makwan's memory. We will gather them together and they will become the symbol of a way of loving which at the present is bound in chains, but which one day - thanks also to the sacrifice of people like Makwan - will be free and finally be able to "say its name" openly and publicly.

Send your "hearts" to:  info@eveyonegroup.com


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Axis of Evil? 08.Dec.2007 11:37

Not so sure

Is this for real? I'm having a lot of difficulty knowing the right path in a world where most of what we know comes from the corporate media or state propaganda. Did this really happen? If so, it's awful. Just awful.

The thing is, it's very hard for me to buy into any anti-Iran propaganda right now, which seems to be what this is. This is a moment in history when the most genocidal nation to ever exist (the US) is simultaneously going after nations and people all over the world. They have lied to get us into wars. They have a long history of making up stories, of planting false stories, and issuing hysterical propaganda to convince the public to support (and pay for!) their dirty, insane wars. Remember the lies that led us into the first Iraq war? That would be where the little peasant girl testified before congress about the Iraqi soldiers unplugging incubators and killing Kuwaiti babies. Oh my God! Let's all be outraged! Let's all vibrate with the energy of retribution! Oh, poor, poor little Kuwaiti babies! Let's avenge them with the blood of Iraqi babies!

Well, as it turns out, the little peasant woman was actually the daughter of a high-ranking Kuwaiti diplomat (part of the royal family, if I remember right), and the stories she told were lies. She had been put up there as a prop, by a PR corporation that was hired by the very people who wanted to get us into that war.

Oh, and if your memory is longer, you will remember the Gulf of Tonkin "incident." That got us into Vietnam. A lie. remember?

Or even if your memory is very short, you will likely remember the stories about "WMDs" and "mushroom clouds" that got us into the most recent Iraq war, where hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died for nothing. For lies.

So I am skeptical. Now that Iran is next on the list of potential conquests, and since the story about them working on nukes fell through (LIES!), the war mongers are infiltrating our media with all kinds of hypish reasons about why the people of Iran don't matter, deserve to suffer, and why we should be going to war with them.

I'm not buying it.

I guess I'm skeptical. If this really did happen, then it's awful, and certainly a horrific indictment of all the hateful, deadly homophobia still out there in this world, often masquerading as religious imperative. But either way, it is not an indictment of the people of Iran, and I will not go to war with them.