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Water Fuel

This is front page news. Watch the video clip and distribute it widely.

Sorry 06.Dec.2007 09:49

D. Bunk

This is not a hoax, but it's also nothing new. The gas is just a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in a 2:1 ratio -- same as water. It's an explosive gas that burns very hot and has been well-known to science and industry for a couple centuries now.

It takes more energy to produce the gas than the gas generates. This is not a *source* of energy. It's only a way of producing a very hot flame. It takes lots of energy to separate the hydrogen and oxygen from the water. Laws of conservation of energy come into play -- energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form. Also whenever there is a change of form there is a net loss of energy in terms of heat. Be grateful -- if this were not true the universe would quickly self-destruct.

Battery 06.Dec.2007 10:34


Hydrogen is not a fuel source. It is a type of battery used to store energy. As the poster above noted, it takes energy, usually electricity to create hydrogen fuel, and the resulting fuel is just the stored energy of the power used to manufacture the fuel, plus whatever might have been wasted in the manufacturing process.

Hydrogen fuel has some serious consequences 06.Dec.2007 12:01

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

Hydrogen derived from water, requires a huge amount of energy to create in quantities that are usable. Commercial hydrogen, that can be purchased now, actually comes from Hydrocarbons (Petrolium), because it's less expensive to break the molecular bonds in hydrocarbons.

I've said it before, and apparently people aren't getting it. There is no magic technology solution. None. It's just not going to happen. Holding out for it, is just going to make things worse.

Rebuild your cities, to be completely car-free now, while it's still possible. Walk, bicycle, use electric trains. it is the ONLY solution to our countries energy crisis.

The problem with any kind of car, is the storage, and conversion of energy. right now, we're using chemical to thermal expansion energy. Very inefficient, as most of the energy is lost as heat. Biofuels force us to choose between farmland, wildlands and transportation. Electric cars, have poor batteries, and create a disposal problem. This is just the nature of energy. With Electric trains, there is no storage of energy. It flows down the lines to the train, there is no batteries required. the most efficient method is by bicycle. The human body is the single best storage medium for energy.

hoping for a technological answer, is much akin to driving toward a cliff, hoping that they'll build a bridge before you get there.