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The Surge Protection Brigade goes to trial

Red handprints on the window - or - 1 million innocent Iraqis dead?
Just who are the criminals here??
The Grannies and one Grandpa will be in court on Monday, Dec. 10 starting at 8:30 am in the Multnomah County Courthouse, SW 4th & Salmon.

The trial, for our Good Friday 'Blood & Roses' action at the Military Recruiting Career Center, is expected to last 3 - 4 days. We do not know which courtroom yet, but the clerk on the first floor can direct you to the assigned room. If we find out the court #, we'll post it here.

Please come and support us in our continued struggle against the illegal and immoral Iraq war.

What do we tell the clerk? 06.Dec.2007 13:35

Mutual Aid

Do we need a name or case #? The people at the courthouse are notoriously lacking in any customer service skills. In fact, they seem to delight in being rude and officious to people. It's that "prison guard" thing, I guess.

Anyway, I don't think we can just ask them where the "surge protection trial" is. Even if they know, they are unlikely to tell us because they can stand on technicality if we don't know a case # or a name. Not that they would, but they could.

Case #s 06.Dec.2007 14:36

Granny M.

Case Numbers are: 0704-45086 thru 45090. Clerk window is north side, to the right after entering, first window where people pay traffic fines and stuff. You don't have to wait in line, just go to first window.
Don't forget the metal detectors, so leave the Swiss Army Knife and Leatherman at home.
Thanks for the support. It is deeply appreciated.

Peacemakers goe to court 06.Dec.2007 14:54

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Here is my video from that day prior to the grannies arrest:

There is another video out on the net (by Jim Lockhart) that shows the blood n roses part

Surge Brigade Video Archives:

Support The Peacemakers - Help Stop A War - Show Your Solidarity

Solidarity Alert!
Solidarity Alert!

A couple of tips 06.Dec.2007 15:32

worthy cause

Wear shoes that are easy to get on and off, because they will probably make you take them off to get through the metal detector. As someone said above, they do make you put everything you're carrying through the x-ray and you have to go through the metal detector. So be prepared -- I like to pack light. Bring only what you think you might need (ID and a comb for me) and leave everything else behind. I have slip-on shoes to make the entry ritual tolerable.

Don't let that stop you. Support of comrades who were out on the front lines risking their freedom for a cause we all believe in is an important part of being an activist.

Support the SPOGS! 06.Dec.2007 22:08


Good luck with the trial! Please, please post updates each night. I and some others may be able to come Tuesday or Wednesday morning if we know stuff is still going on. Take care of yourselves!

I will there----You? 06.Dec.2007 22:38

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

I will be with you wonderful people, it will be an honor just to be in the same room with you brave people who will not sit and wait for others to save you. it is time!

Portland Peaceful Response Coalition at Recruiters' Ctr, Sat. 12-8!! 06.Dec.2007 23:20


Join us as we shut down the same office the Grannies so valiantly shut down for weeks on end!! The red handprints have been washed off, but we will be there with making a strong stand against these abusers of Portland's young adults!!

They are a bunch of chicken----s that often close up the shop rather than deal with having to listen to us speak the truth to all their future prey and the breakfast crowd at Milo's!!

They have even said that we could protest all we want, but the minute we start talking about the government being involved in the events of 911, we would have to go... I gave him a DVD and some literature about 911 being an inside job -)) .

Cya there!!


Grannies yes! PPRC... whatever. 07.Dec.2007 08:16


Grannies are SO much cooler than PPRC. Grannies are willing to put their freedom on the line for what they believe. Grannies are there because they believe in what they are doing, not because they want to feel important and be on TV. Grannies never put down other people for being radical. Grannies ARE radical.

Thank you, Granny M... 07.Dec.2007 13:42

Sara aka Granny S

Thank you, Granny M, for telling it like it is.

Grannys appreciate all efforts toward justice and peace.

Grannys try not to put down efforts different than our own.

Grannys have lived a long time and try to remember how hard it was to work for justice and peace when we were going to school, raising our families, and working full time.

And we are grateful for all of the support we receive for our efforts.

Hope we will see many of you in court.

Judge Baldwin 07.Dec.2007 16:57

a little birdie

The trial is in J. Baldwin's courtroom, Room 716, on Monday. Be there.

Read the Docket 09.Dec.2007 15:25

Marcia Denison

There should be a Court Docket Clerk who could look up the names of Defendants and case numbers: Sara Graham, C#704-45090; Martha Odom, C#7804-45089; Clyde Chamberlain, C#704-45088; Ann Huntwork, C#704-45087; DeBeghtol, C#704-45086; or look on the Docket Sheets for each court hanging beside the court door. The security at the door doesn't know anything. The State Department of Justice is getting more fasciestly aggressive by the day. Hardy Myers must be replaced!! Hope to see you there, after 8:30 AM, Monday Dec. 10 at Multnomah County Court House.