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Statement Regarding Recent Flooding From The IAC

Statement Regarding The Recent Flooding In The South Puget Sound Area From The International Anarchist Conspiracy (IAC)

Greetings slaves and rebels,

Several days ago, all of the anarchist witches and wizards in the NW Chapter of the IAC stepped through the various Black Portals in Cascadia and materialized in the Black Citadel. There, the witches and wizards combined all of their powers in an effort to speak to the planet and ask her a favor. As usual, she did not answer the anarchists immediately. And then it happened.

The water fell and fell, thrown in all directions by the incessantly blowing wind. The concrete which had been trapping the soil underneath it was itself trapped under lakes which appeared within hours. Malls found themselves trapped inside seas constantly rising water. Electricity, civilizations stolen energy, quickly disappeared. She took those currents away in the blink of en eye, leaving thousands of people paralyzed and helpless without their metallic savior to look after them. Those people had abandoned her, relying on wasteful, unsustainable energy rather than what she gave to them herself. And so she reminded all of them of how fragile and insignificant their systems are, how they can be taken away at a moments notice, how one day, soon, there will be something worse than a flood. She reminded everyone that she is being raped every single day. And she is tired of it.

She will continue to stop your destructive lifestyle as long as you keep living it. You should not worry too much about the witches and wizards casting their spells in the streets outside your windows. You should worry about what she is going to do next. We work for her, but when it comes to getting things done, she makes us look as small as we truly are.

Let this serve as a warning to those of you who are bent on maintaining your destructive lifestyles: this civilization is doomed. It has been since it began. The witches and wizards out there right now are fighting to stop the murder of the planet in every way we can. The next time you see us, remember that she is on our side and infusing our actions with magic. We will not lose. They may put some of us in jail. The may kill some of us. But we will win.

Until the next time, we will be in the Realm of the Shadows, planning, planning, planning. She is connecting all of our minds and we are having the same thoughts across vast distances. Through our Seeing Stones we are revealing ourselves to one another and letting the energy flow back and forth. With our wands we are getting better and better at casting spells which are popping people out of the enemies nightmare. With our imaginations we are finding ways to do new things.

Your Friends Dancing Amidst The Collapse,

The Northwest Chapter Of The International Anarchist Conspiracy (IAC)

Anarchy 05.Dec.2007 23:57


Our Storm Is Here
Our Storm
Our Storm

Mods: please remove from Green Scare section 07.Dec.2007 22:14

nothing to do with the green scare.

Moderators, could you please remove this from the green scare section. This has nothing to do with the green scare. It is just an anarcho-hippie rant.
Lets keep this section on topic.

You people utilized the internet! 08.Dec.2007 14:13

Rational Statments Dude

So.....The inherent irony of utilizing technology in order to disseminate information lambasting said technology escapes ye wizards, warlockes and such. If you managed to convey your philosophical bent via telekinetic transmissions, you would save an immeasurable amount of "earth-raping" energy from being wantonly spilled. THE END.