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Naomi Klein in Portland

the author and historian comes to town and KBOO radio
I was handed a copy of Naomi Klein's new book "Shock Doctrine" after I agreed to interview her on KBOO. The interview will be tomorrow at 9:30, that is, at the bottom of the hour after the start of my program "PressWatch" at 9 AM. I was glad to get a chance to interview Ms. Klein; however, after examining the book, I realized that this is one of those potentially seminal works that (hopefully) will influence an informed backlash against Bushism.

It is an analysis of the devastating and violent effects of the "Chicago School" economics, in the context of US imperialism and torture policies. It dissects and analyzes the zeitgeist that has arched from the fascistization of (e.g.) Chile to the brutalization of Iraq. In this wise it is comparable to Galeano's "Open veins of Latin America" or Zinn's "People's History."

I have no connection to Klein or her publisher. I am praising this work because I believe it is potentially useful as a tool in destroying corporate capitalism. The work goes a long way in providing clarity and transparency in the analysis of the fascist hegemons driving US policy today.

Naomi Klein will be at the Unitarian Church in downtown Portland November 7th, at 7PM; apparently the event is sponsored by Powell's Books.

Here is a link to a video summarizing the book (I haven't seen it yet):


She was recently on Olbermann's show:


homepage: homepage: http://kboo.fm

correction? 05.Dec.2007 15:56

finer point

I am assuming the "Correct Date" at the First Unitarian Church is Dec 7 (not November)

Klein is correct, they are shocking us into fascism 05.Dec.2007 16:17

Wes Brain

Here in Jackson County in Southern Oregon the Shock Doctrine approach was put to practice.

First they told us their was no longer enough money to fund our Jackson County Library System...

Then they shut down the libraries. ALL fifteen Public Libraries were shut down and the doors locked tight on April 6, 2007.

Several months later they privatized our libraries, all 15 of them! The keys for all the libraries were handed over to LSSI, a corporation from Maryland that takes profits out of Oregon and back to Maryland.

Workers hired back have reduced benefits and NO Union. They busted the union.

The Shock Doctrine Works. In our future world EVERYTHING is for sale. We'll be shocked into selling out to the lowest bidder.

Wes Brain
Brain Labor Report
(daily live internet radio for ordinary working people)

Naomi Klein Rocks 05.Dec.2007 16:30


I'm in the middle of reading Shock Doctrine right now. I can hardly put it down. It's extremely well-researched, and I've never read a more concise expose on the connections between economic choices, torture, and death squads. This book does an awesome job of putting the history of 20th- and 21st-century carnage into the context that I'd always sensed but never really understood until now.

On a personal side note, I had been waiting for this book to come out for years. A friend of mine had gone down to New Orleans to help with the volunteer work after the hurricane, and to document what was happening. He sent the film he shot back here to me, so that I could edit it into a video. He stayed at Common Ground, and shot a lot of interviews while he was there. And one of the interviews was with Naomi Klein. He hadn't mentioned it to me, so when I received the film, I was surprised to see a long and fascinating interview with her about her interest in what she calls "disaster capitalism." I understood, from the interview, that she was completing the research for a book on the subject. So yeh, I'd been waiting ever since to read the book, because the premise sounded so intriguing. (Still, I almost missed it because the cover - silver with a big bullet-hole-looking thing in the middle of it - makes it look like a crime novel.)

I really recommend this book.

correction 05.Dec.2007 18:58


yes--Dec. 7th, Friday, is the correct time.

PLEASE PLEASE Theresa 06.Dec.2007 03:17

Ecotopian Yeti

Please Theresa after the interview can you upload it in Portland Indy

recording available in a few hours 06.Dec.2007 10:46

theresa mitchell

I have a CD of the interview and will upload it on PDX Indy audio as well as on kboo.fm, probably by this afternoon--KBOO will facilitate


This is for Ecotopian Yeti 06.Dec.2007 10:55


The audio from KBOO this morning. Great work Theresa, thank you.
7 megabytes, be patient
7 megabytes, be patient

kboo audio 06.Dec.2007 14:20

theresa mitchell

heck I can't keep up with you younguns!! (wheeze)

here's kboo's audio (19mb mp3 44100/16b)


Thanx 07.Dec.2007 07:27

Ecotopian Yeti

Thanks J and thanks to Theresa for the nterview

Thoughts on Naomi Klien 09.Dec.2007 11:00

tia julia

Naomi Klien's work is brilliant.
What was hard to swallow were the questions and comments at the end.
It seems that the women in line were looking to her for answers 'what can we do?' while the men were harsh and critical,
blaming her for not exposing 9-11, etc. Personally, I think we should throw that anger on our own (US Citizen) speakers, legislators,
selected officials, etc. not a Canadian journalist. If I ever thought that I might be alive to participate in a revolution, Friday night's talk showed me
I am dead wrong- if people are asking a foreign journalist 'what should we do?" , we're in big trouble. The woman sitting next to me said
'I wish she'd tell us who to vote for!'. As long as we beieve that that changes anything, we're not going anywhere but down.